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It takes cunning and strategy to be the victor in Stratego Original, and that challenge is why this game has been a popular one for some many years. Inside the box you will find a game board, 40 red army pieces, 40 blue army pieces, 2 label sheets, a screen and rules that explain how to play three different versions of Stratego. In this classic game, each player is an army commander who must devise plans of attack against the opponent. Stratego Original is the one you played as a child and now you want your child to learn, or perhaps you want to play it yourself! It has its origins in a traditional Chinese board game called jungle. The first modern version was released in Europe before World War I and an American version made its way to the U.S. in 1961. It is still popular around the world, especially in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, which hold national and world championships matches. Made for two players ages 8 and older.

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Product Number: TY7472

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