You Had Me at Aloha

You Had Me at Aloha Party Ideas and Inspirations

As summer time approaches, so do the vivid dreams of palm trees, clear blue skies, and beachy vacations to some exotic place. Day dreaming of sand being squeezed between our toes becomes a national pass time for most of us. None feel it harder than those who live in land locked areas with no real means to visit a beach. So, what do you do? Throw a pool party, of course. Your friends and family have come to expect it, but since you’re here, seems like you’re planning a bit of a twist and we’re all for it. Check out these party supplies that'll turn any home into a tropical getaway!

If you’re going to do this, do it right. Come out of the gate with a bang by utilizing invites that inspires desire. Our invitations and thank yous page has the personalization options to get your Hawaiian themed party off to a great start. Once you’ve sufficiently excited your guests to be it’s time to turn attention to decorations. Flamingo shaped balloons, tropical fish piñatas for the little ones, and palm tree laden tableware will do well to tie the look together.

Any bakers in the mix might want to try their hand at using beach vibey cake supplies, cupcake stands, and other decorative toppers to keep the theme uniform all the way down to the last bite.

Once the food is done and the kids are all splish splashed out, send your guests home with a few trinkets to remember the occasion. Reusable goodie bags filled with party favors and gifts are a great way to do this. Pack them with little umbrellas, personalized key chains and crab squirt toys guaranteed to put a smile on the face of the people you love most. What better way to commemorate such a fantastic party than with a take home ‘thanks for coming’? Not many, if you ask us.

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