Name That Mutant

Name That Mutant

How to Play:

Have the children sit in a circle around an adult leader. The leader tells the children that he is going to describe several of the X-Men characters by listing the powers that each one has. At any point during the descriptions, the players can raise their hands and, if they're called on, give the name of the mutant they think the leader is describing. The first child to answer correctly gets a small prize.

Here's a list of some of the better-known X-Men characters (both good and evil) and their powers:

  • Callisto: She has great speed, strength, and the ability to sense other mutants' powers and locations. (Need another clue? She is an important member of Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants in X-Men 3.)
  • Colossus: This mutant can transform himself into "organic steel," making him incredibly strong and giving him great endurance.
  • Cyclops: He produces powerfully-destructive rays from his eyes. (Need another clue? He has to wear special glasses or a visor at all times so he doesn't hurt anyone unintentionally.)
  • Iceman: This mutant can turn himself into solid ice. He can also freeze moisture from the air for use as a weapon, defense for himself, or just for fun, like when he freezes water to make an ice-skating rink.
  • Jean Grey: She may be the strongest of all the mutants. She has strong telekinetic powers, which means she can use her mind to move objects. She can also read minds. (Need another clue? She joins the Brotherhood of Mutants in X-Men 3 when her evil side surfaces.)
  • Juggernaut: This evil mutant has serious strength and momentum; once he starts moving, no one can stop him, and he can plow through just about anything.
  • Magneto: He has the ability to control magnetism, which allows him to move, bend, or crush anything containing metal. (Need another clue? He is the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, and moves the Golden Gate Bridge in X-Men 3.)
  • Mystique: She has the ability to shapeshift, transforming herself to look and sound like anyone. (Need another clue? When she's not trying to look like someone else, she has blue skin and reddish hair. She is also a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants.)
  • Professor Charles Xavier: Despite his inability to walk, this genius mutant has a high ranking because of his powerful mind. His abilities allow him to not only read people's minds, but also to control or influence them. (Need another clue? He started the School for Gifted Youths that so many good mutants have attended.)
  • Pyro: This evil mutant can control fire. (Need another clue? In X-Men 3, he can shoot fire from the palms of his hands, although the original comic book version could only control fire, not create it.)
  • Rogue: She is cursed with the ability to absorb the strength, memories, and powers of anyone she touches--whether she wants to or not. (Need another clue? She gives up her powers in X-Men 3 so she can finally touch the man she loves without hurting him.)
  • Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat: This genius mutant is an expert with computers, and she has the ability to pass through walls, floors, and all other solid objects.
  • Storm: She can control all aspects of the weather, from lightning to fog to rain. Because of this ability, she can use the wind to fly.
  • Wolverine: His animal senses and reflexes let him detect the presence of other people and mutants near him, and his amazing ability to heal instantly makes him nearly invulnerable to attacks by mutants or humans. His metal claws also make him great at hand-to-hand combat.

An Alternate Idea:

Quietly assign each child a character when they arrive, and tell them their character's powers. Everyone has to keep their assignments a secret until the game starts. At that point, they take turns standing up and listing their powers while the other children try to guess which mutant is being described.

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