X-Men Masks

X-Men Masks

What You'll Need:

  • White Paper Plates (1 for each guest)
  • Elastic String
  • Scissors
  • A Stapler
  • Multi-Colored Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • White & Black Glitter
  • Markers

  1. Before the party, cut eye and mouth holes in the paper plates.
  2. Next, cut a length of elastic string for each plate, making sure the strings are long enough to span the plates without making them buckle once attached.
  3. With the tops of the plates facing up, lay a string across the middle of each.
  4. Finish by stapling the ends of the strings to the "left" and "right" edges of the plates.

At the Party:

Let each child use markers, construction paper, glitter, and glue to decorate a mask to resemble their favorite mutant. Share the following ideas with them before they begin, or just let them use their imaginations.
  • Create a Cyclops mask by drawing on a pair of sunglasses, or by attaching construction-paper sunglasses. Or, make it look like the comic-book version by coloring the mask black and pasting a red construction-paper visor over the eyes. (Make sure to cut eyeholes in it, though!)
  • Make a Colossus mask by covering the mask in glue and sprinkling it with black glitter. Or, glue on pieces of aluminum foil to better represent this "organic metal" mutant.
  • Fashion a Storm mask by tracing the eyeholes with yellow marker, coloring the rest of the mask brown, and adding some white "hair" and "eyebrows" using glue and white glitter or white construction paper.
  • Make a Wolverine mask by drawing on bushy brown sideburns and eyebrows, and attaching brown construction-paper hair cut in a "V" shape. Or, fashion the mask after the comic-book version of Wolverine by coloring it yellow and attaching a black, V-shaped mask over the eyes.
  • Create a Beast mask by drawing on an ape-like nose, shading over the eyes, and adding blue "fur" around the edges with blue marker or frayed blue construction paper.
  • Construct an Iceman mask by covering the plate with glue and white glitter. Add white construction-paper "hair" and "eyebrows," if desired.
  • Make a Magneto mask by drawing a blue "M" that reaches from the bottom of the mask to just over the eyeholes. Color the area outside of the "M" red.
  • Design a Mystique mask by tracing the eyeholes with yellow marker, coloring the rest of the mask blue, and gluing on some orange "hair" cut from construction paper.

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