WWE Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE! Have a group of energetic kids that love all things wrestling? Then this WWE party is sure to be a hit with your little party people. From ringside decorations to "Stone Cold" Ice Cream Cake to fun wrestling games & everything in between – we’ve got this party theme covered. Now, let’s step into the ring and get this party started!

Cheryl from Moms & Munchkins styled, wrote and photographed this WWE Birthday Party. Stop by her blog to get helpful and creative ideas for parties and more!

WWE Party Invitations

With personalized invitations, you can focus more of your energy on decorating, baking and assembling the party favors. For those who prefer the DIY fill-in style of invitation, Birthday in a Box has those too!

Don’t forget the matching return address labels to complete the set.

With the personalized invitations, you still have full control over the text that goes on your invitation. You can be as creative with text as you’d like here. Some creative wording ideas include:

  • Join us for the Birthday Bash LIVE event! Location: {child’s last name} Stadium
  • VIP Access to {child’s name}MANIA!
  • Let’s get ready to rumble!
  • The SMACKDOWN begins at…
  • Meet us in the ring for {child’s name}’s birthday party!
  • RSVP to Enforcer {parent’s name}
  • Congratulations! You’re part of the A-team! Your presence is requested in the ring on…

WWE Party Decorations

It’s easy to get your party area championship-ready with these party decorations. Let’s start with a must at every wrestling party – the ring! This could be incorporated with some pool noodles and crepe paper to turn the food table into a ring, you could make your own ring with candles and string on top of a cake, or you could create a square wrestling ring outside with 4 chairs arranged in a square with crepe paper tied between them.

Some other creative decorating ideas include:

For the guest eating area, WWE printed plates and napkins help tie the theme together.

These personalized activity mats could either be used as placemats on the table or as part of the party favors.

Ready to start planning your own WWE party? Check out this themed tableware:

WWE Party Food Ideas

Wrestlers are known for their wild stage names, which are great when planning out food for your party! Here are some fun ways to twist those wacky wrestling names into creative party foods.

  • The Rock Candy – rock candy on the table as a treat
  • Nacho Man – a big plate of nachos for the kids to share
  • Hulk Hoagies – mini hoagie sandwiches
  • Under’taters’ – tater tots
  • King of the Onion Ring – onion rings
  • Stone Cold Ice Cream Cake – an ice cream cake (could even decorate this to look like a wrestling ring)
  • Knock Out Punch – fruit punch

A fun idea for labeling food items is to order these personalized luggage tags and personalize them with the food names (example “The Rock Candy”).

WWE Party Activities

A party photobooth is a fun idea for all ages! Kids love having the chance to be silly and taking a picture home to show their parents. It’s a great souvenir that pairs perfectly with a thank you card after the party.

Check out these supplies for creating your own WWE party photobooth:

With a wrestling party and energetic kids filled with cake, it’s almost guaranteed that the kids will want a chance to wrestle at the party. A fun and somewhat safe way to set this up is as a water balloon wrestling match. For this game, you’ll need some WWE balloons, water, and streamer crepe paper.

Start by creating your ring – place 4 chairs outside in a square position. Tie streamer paper between each chair to create a wrestling ring. Fill the balloons half with water, half with air, then place them in the middle of the wrestling ring. Guests will have to take turns popping (by using their best wrestling skills) as many water balloons as they can in 30 seconds. The winner could be awarded the first hit on the wrestling belt piñata.

WWE Party Favors

Personalized favor stickers are a great way to tie the theme together. Some saying ideas for the favor tags include:

  • Thank you for coming to the main event!
  • Thank you for joining me in the ring!
  • Thank you for attending my Birthday Bash LIVE event!
  • You’re part of my A-team – thank you!

Here are some WWE party favor ideas that kids would enjoy:

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