Wizard of Oz Costume Guide

Wizard of Oz Costume Guide

Dorothy: Wear a blue and white checked apron dress. Braid the child's hair and place bows on the end of each braid. Have them carry a picnic basket with a stuffed terrier dog inside or a bucket of water. Complete the look with a pair of red Mary Janes covered with red glitter.

Cowardly Lion: Create a lion mask or face paint whiskers. Create lion ears by gluing felt to a head band. Paws can be made with orange gloves and felt paws. Cover a long piece of wire with fake fur to make the tail. Finish the costume off with a Badge of Courage.

Scarecrow: Dress up in an old checkered shirt, denim overalls and boots. Glue or sew straws of hay to the edges of the shirt sleeves and pants bottoms. Sew patches of mismatched fabric squares on to the overalls. Finish the look with a straw hat and draw rosy cheeks on your face.

Tin Man: Create a tin man hat out of a large metal funnel. Tie it in place with string. To create the body, wrap aluminum foil around a cardboard box that is large enough for your child to fit through. Cut holes in the box for your child's arms and head. Spray paint a pair of old pants and boots silver. If you'd like, you can use silver make up to cover your child's face.

Glinda the Good Witch: A large white or light pink ballroom or princess gown works well for this costume. Accessorize with a tiara and magic wand.

The Wicked Witch of the West: Wear all black along with a black witch hat and cape. Accessorize with an old broom and a stuffed flying monkey. If you'd like, paint your child's face and hands green using face make up.

The Wizard of Oz: Wear black and white striped pants, a black top coat and emerald green shirt. Accessorize with a black top hat, dark green bow tie, white gloves and shiny dress shoes.

Munchkins: Boy munchkins wear a checkered collar shirt, shorts and checkered tights. Spike your child's hair and accessorize their costume with a Girl munchkins wear colonial dresses and bonnets.

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