Unicorn and Rainbows Party

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 5, 2018

Make someone’s birthday magical with these colorful unicorn and rainbow party ideas. Rainbows really do feel like magic and when paired with unicorns the fantasy might put a joyful spell on your party guests! It will be a fairytale day sure to have a happy ever after ending.

The Invitation

Let the magic begin in your guest’s mailbox with this Fairytale Unicorn Personalized Invitation. Guests will whinny in delight as soon as they see the unicorn come out of the envelope.

The Decorations

Get the castle ready for the festivities with an explosion of colorful and thematic decorations. Let the rainbow paint the way when it comes to choosing decorations. If you start with solids you can build your own rainbow world.

  • A rainbow balloon arch makes a huge impact without a lot of effort. Attach latex balloons in rainbow order to this Celebration Arch using small zip-ties. (TIP: When blowing up the balloons, keep the finished sizes varied for visual interest and easier installation.)
  • Classic white Paper Lanterns are transformed into unicorn heads with the addition of napkin flowers and glittered horns and ears. (TIP: We mounted our unicorn lanterns on dowels secured into balloon weights, but you could also hang them from the balloon arch using monofilament.)

Set a charming table with this Fairytale Unicorn Party Pack of tableware. We placed everything atop a Fairytale Unicorn Personalized Activity Mat and included a box of crayons so guests can keep busy while waiting for the activities to begin. As an added décor element, we included a Unicorn Cake Topper at each place setting. Once the party is finished, guests can take the topper home as a memorable favor.

The Food

Keep the rainbow color explosion going with all the offered edibles.

  • Being a unicorn is hard work, so quench guest thirsts with a liquid beverage served in these delightful Rainbow Molded Cups.
  • For quick and simple color, add rainbow candies to apothecary jars.
  • Rainbow marshmallow kabobs add a bold impact and height to the table scape … as well as lots of yummy sugary goodness.

This is where you can get really creative and make food that the guests will want to play with!

  • Sprinkle the table with even more color by offering these candy-coated ice cream cone “horns” bathed in rainbow jimmies.
  • Animal crackers are always better dipped in frosting, especially when the frosting is as colorful as this bowl is.
  • As a balance to all the sweetness, set out a tray filled with fresh fruit … in rainbow order of course!
  • Even cupcakes get the magical treatment when embellished with a few decorative sugar flowers and some glittered horns and ears.
  • Gold bows and lollipop sticks add a touch of elegance to fruity cereal treats.

The Party Activities

Set up a few activity stations to keep the guest actively occupied and engaged. A few games and some creative time will keep everyone feeling the magic.

  • This Unicorn Scene Setter makes for a perfect photo booth opportunity. It even comes with its own props!
  • Constructing cereal necklaces is a classic way to keep little hands busy. Use this activity as a filler for when you need guests to be distracted.
  • Try taking the fun outside with a Unicorn Hula Hoop Toss (use traffic cones and hula hoops)
  • Or a head to head version of ring toss with a Unicorn Horn Headband and Jelly Bracelets
  • Put a spin on the old classic and try Pinning the Horn on the Unicorn.

The Party Favors

Gift guests this enchanted collection of trinkets and treasures so they can take the magic home with them after the party. We added Jelly Belly Thank You Jelly Beans and Nylon Hair Extensions to the abundant assortment of items included in this Rainbow Wishes Favor Pack. Tie each favor box with a Fairytale Unicorn Personalized Sticker for that final charming touch.

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