Twin Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Throw a twins party that double the fun, not double the work! Whether you're looking for ideas for your twins' party invitations, favors, food, decorations, or activities, you're sure to find helpful tips for planning their upcoming birthday bash in the twin Party ideas guide. While planning, keep in mind that your twins are individuals with completely unique personalities. Keep reading for tips that will ensure their next birthday special for both of them.

Planning & Invitations

What Do I Need For my Twin Party? 

Hosting a twin party can mean twice as many guests. Depending on your budget and the size of the party area, it may be necessary to limit how many friends each child can invite. For any bash with kids, it's a good idea to have one adult helper for every eight children so you don't get overwhelmed. These helpers should be prepared to assist with any party games or craft projects at your twins' party.

Twin Party Invitations 

Get creative with your twin party invitations. Here are some suggestions for making your own unique invites:
  • Choose fill-in-the-blank invitations that match your twins' theme. If your children are old enough to write, have them fill in the party information themselves and then work together to decorate the inside of the cards.
  • Select personalized invitations and coordinate the invite with the party's theme. Each invite is sold individually so you can mix-and-match if your children each have their own theme.
  • Feature dynamic duos on your invites, like Thing One and Thing Two from the Cat in the Hat.
  • Include a hand-drawn picture from both twins in each envelope.
  • If it's your twins first birthday, include their hand or footprints on the front of the invitation along with how big your twins were and what time they were born. On the inside of the card, include the party information along with the words "Join us for double the fun when we turn 1!"

Blowing Out the Candles

Blowing out the candles is sure to be a fun activity for your twins, and you can help make it a special moment they can share.
  • Before the party, have your twins discuss a birthday wish they want to share (i.e. "We wish for happiness."). They don't have to tell anyone their wish... not even you! When it's time to blow out the candles they can silently make their secret wish together, creating a special memory for them both.
  • Another option is to get two small cakes instead of a single large one. Each cake can match their chosen party theme. When it's time to blow out the candles, they can each blow out the candles on their respective cakes.
  • Serve cupcakes decorated to match your twin party theme and present each twin with a cupcake and candle to blow out. Consider using cupcake accessories to jazz up your treats!
  • If you have one birthday cake, put trick candles on the cake and have the twins take turns trying to blow them out!

Twin Party Food Ideas 

Two is definitely better than one! Celebrate your twins with themed party snacks:
  • Double up regular party foods to make twin-sized servings. Make a twin cheese platter by putting two cheese cubes or two grapes on toothpicks.
  • Serve themed foods like double-decker sandwiches, Double Stuf Oreos, double-layered Jello cups, and double chocolate chip cookies.
  • Put out special Twinkies customized with your twins' names written in icing.
  • Cook two mini hot dogs in one roll to make twins in a blanket.

Money-Saving Tips 

A twin party doesn't have to mean double the money spent! Heres some advice for sticking to your budget while throwing an amazing bash that both your kids will love:
  • Have a smaller party and ask each child to only invite two or three friends. Then take everyone somewhere special like a movie, local sports game, or arcade.
  • Bake your own food to save on the cost of delivery.
  • Make the party a potluck and ask each guest to bring a dish.
  • Have party activities double as mealtime preparation when you have guests make their own English muffin pizza. Later they can bake and decorate sugar cookies. These are fun activities that also feed your guests.
  • Consider having your party at a free venue such as a park or community pool. Then, have a barbecue or picnic.

Twin Party Favor Ideas

Twin Party Favor Ideas 

It's a good idea to pick favors that match the theme of your twins' birthday party. However, if you're looking to play up the twin aspect with the goodies given to guests at your party, here are some suggestions:
  • Put favors inside a party favor bag that matches your twins' themes. Choosing the main color that your twins' themes have in common can help unify the color palette of the party.
  • Try making "Two Peas in a Pod" cake pops by decorating cake pops with green icing and fondant leaves to make the pod. You can get cake pop supplies from most craft stores or home stores.
  • Give two toys from a set of themed party favors. For example, if you were hosting a jungle twin party you could give guests two different animal party figures.
  • For first birthday parties include personalized twin themed favors like bookmarks and magnets.

Twin Party Theme Ideas

Twin Party Theme Ideas 

Your twins are unique individuals who have their own personalities. If your twins are sharing a birthday party, you should talk to them and see if they can agree on a theme idea they both like. If not, another option is to choose two different themes that complement each other. Below you'll find a list of complementary party theme ideas:

Party Etiquette

What About Gifts for Twins? 

Often, twins are separated into different classes in school and, as a result, have different friends. While your twins may be used to sharing, they probably aren't keen on sharing their birthday presents. It is tricky for guests and their parents to know whether to buy a gift for both twins or only the twin their child knows. It's a good idea to let guests know whether your twins would like separate gifts or gifts they can share. Here are some more tips on buying or creating gifts for twins:
  • If the twins are toddlers (under 3 years) they are young enough to share presents. Practical gifts, such as gift cards, and essentials like diapers, gently used clothes and small toys are a wonderful idea. Let your guests know if your toddlers are in need of any particular items.
  • Start a photo album for each twin on their first birthday. Take a photo of your twins with each party guest, then add the photos to each album. Do this every year so they can remember who was there to celebrate their birthday. Each child will have their own album as a keepsake over the years.
  • Ask guests to make a donation to a local charity instead of bringing presents to your twins' party.
  • If the twins open their gifts during the party have them take turns unwrapping their presents.

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