Trolls Party Supplies

Just like the Poppy, you can be in a perpetual state of happiness when you find your birthday inspiration with Trolls Party Ideas from Birthday in a Box. You won't be able to stop the feeling when you're singing, dancing and hugging all party long thanks to these useful tips for inviting, decorating, cooking and playing. Do your hair, put a gem in your belly button, and do so much partying that you make the Trolls proud! Make this the best Trolls party ever!

It’s party time! Trolls party time to be exact. If you love trolls, than you are definitely going to love this adorable selection your favorite hairy little buggers. Birthday in a Box allows you to transform your house into a troll-living castle, best fit for the guest of honor and their little buds. You’ll enjoy our great wall decorations and hanging piñatas, two items that you know only add to the greatness of any shindig. Make sure you get your hands on one of these welcome banners, too! Your little troll friends are going to want to know who threw such a magical bash! No matter what the celebration is for, these trolls are definitely a win for your little girl or guy! Shop our collection of Trolls party supplies online.

Trolls Party Ideas and Inspirations

Nothing you can see when you're dancing. Can't stop the feeling of this party? Good, because your Trolls party supplies are sure to make everyone feel like they went right into the movie. This colorful flick is one of DreamWork’s most recent and you can join Princess Poppy on her adventure with Branch with your own Trolls birthday party.

Singing and dancing is a part of a Trolls lifestyle and if your little one loved the movie, chances are moving and grooving is a part of their anatomy too. Get the word out about your Trolls bash with personalized Party invitations featuring the Princess Poppy on it.

When your guests arrive, they can walk right into a Trolls Photo Backdrop, just as colorful as the land the Trolls live in! The Trolls Honeycomb Decorations feature your favorite characters that all of your guests will recognize from the movie. Hibiscus Paper Flower Table Decor and Tableware will make your party truly look like the beautiful animated land they live in the film. Beware of the Bergens, who might eat you happy Trolls! Find the perfect color scheme for all types of colorful balloons, sure to bring the happiness alive in the all the trolls at your event.

There’s nothing better than giving your birthday child exactly what they want. If they love Trolls and it’s all the talk about, you just have to throw in the Troll Scene Setter! With a set like this, everyone will really feel like a singing, dancing troll of their own and when you add on the cake supplies, singing will happen - and you know what singing does to trolls, right?

You want to throw a party to remember so send the guests home from happiest party of the year. Branch and Poppy might actually show up if you create an environment of extreme happiness. Giving them some favors is sure to make the happiness meter go through the roof. The Trolls favor and pinata kits has everything you need to send them home with a smile on their face! Just keep dancing all night long with your Trolls party!

Trolls Party Ideas

Your child won’t be able to believe their eyes when they see you’ve put together a special party just for them thanks to our amazing selection of Trolls accessories and other products. When it comes to putting together a birthday bash it can be hard to really create something that speaks to them. After all, you’ve already got plenty to deal with. Luckily for you, we’ve got a wide range of items designed to provide you with the very best in Trolls-themed party supplies and you be sure of that thanks to the fact that each of these items is officially licensed having met exacting standards for authenticity. Featuring a colorful set of characters straight from the movie, fans will love seeing all their favorite characters represented across a selection of essential party-supplies that will help take their party to the next level. You’ll find we have everything you need whether that’s tableware accessories, party favors, notary packs, or what else have you. Seize this exciting opportunity to put together a Trolls-themed birthday bash that will leave your child feeling like the star of their very own animated adventure.

Facts about Trolls

Originally, the Trolls started off in the late ’50s as a line of cute-looking magical dolls. Becoming a massive sensation, they have persisted since then in the American pop-culture consciousness. Everyone knows the trolls when they see one, but they have once again been modernized for a modern audience. The latest version, based off the hit Dreamworks Animation flick from 2016, features the titular Trolls as led by Princess Poppy, played by Anna Kendrick, as she embarks on an exciting but danger-filled quest to save her kingdom and people from the ferocious Bergens, a race of large creatures who feed on Trolls in an attempt to dispel their gloomy dispositions. Featuring an eclectic cast of characters many of these products showcase Poppy herself for a look that fans will immediately recognize. But Poppy’s friends and allies such a Branch the cautious survivalist, DJ Suki a DJ troll with a command of insects are also included making for a comprehensive offering that is sure to appease the birthday boy or girl and their friends no matter who their favorite character is. Whether they’re partying in the house or out amongst a scenic backyard you’ll be able to make them feel like they’re setting off for the fearsome castle of the Burgens just like the heroes from the movie.

Trolls Invitation

Extend a royal invitation courtesy of a collection of a line of notary products from the respected and beloved Princess Poppy herself. Featuring Poppy herself in her vibrant pink hues, many of these invitation notes feature splashes of blue and yellow color for a coordinated look that will make for an excellent first impression on your child’s prospective guests. Get your party started off right and take advantage of these handy cards. No Troll fan will be able to resist such a formal looking invitation ensuring that you’ll be throwing the biggest birthday bash in town this Trollstice.

Trolls Tableware

For this year’s fest, you’re going to need the very best in Trolls tableware and other accessories to really help sell the party décor. After all, generic plates, cups, napkins, and other utensils just wouldn’t do in the world of Trolls! Set a magical and fantastical scene for your child and their guests to enjoy by choosing from our comprehensive selection of products. Featuring Princess Poppy, and Cooper a happy-go-lucky and enthusiastic Troll known for their enthusiasm. We have packs for lunch, dessert and even dinner that include everything you need to serve up some truly delicious meals that will have everyone ready for seconds.

Trolls Decorations

Get your party’s décor ready for the big day by taking advantage of our exciting offering of official Trolls decorations. Each of these features Princess Poppy herself making for a welcome visual treat that is as sweet looking like the most delicious cake. Fans will love feeling like they’ve been whisked away to the world of the moviemaking for an exciting opportunity to give them a gift that they never saw coming. Our catalog features items ranging from wall banners to hanging decorations ensuring that you’ll be able to create a truly striking backdrop for them to enjoy.

Trolls Balloons

Brighten up your party with some truly colorful decorative accessories. Our collection of balloons feature only the most authentic Trolls-approved products designed to provide the party with a flourish that will have everyone eager to play with their very own. Each of these features characters from the movie such as Princess Poppy, Branch and Cooper for a fun and inviting look that will have your guests smiling from ear-to-ear. Consider a bouquet variety pack if you’re interested in diversifying the types of balloons that we have on offer or go bigger with one of our jumbo-sized balloon. We even have air walkers that will have your girls feeling like they’re hanging out with their friends.

Trolls Personalization

Make sure the birthday girl and her friends know that this party is for them and dip into our exciting personalized items. Craft a unique message directed at one special person, or even the whole group with the help of items that provide you with the ability to create a professional-looking personalized touch. Your efforts as party-planner will be so much more appreciated when it’s clear just how much care and thought you put into making the big day as fun for them as possible.

Trolls Pinata

This year’s Trollstice will be the best once you’ve provided your guests with a fun party game that the whole gang can get in on. Pinatas are a proven party classic, and our Trolls-themed variants are no exceptions. These officially licensed products come in a variety of types such as pull-string style and each is decorated with authentic Trolls graphic prints. Featuring Poppy and her friends they’ll make for a great accessory that is as much fun to look at as they are to break open.

Trolls Favor and Gifts

The fun doesn’t have to stop there. You’ll be ready to keep them entertained all day long once you’ve decked out the party with these handy and cutesy Trolls favor gifts and toys. Classic toys such as blowouts have been reimagined with official Trolls flourishes. Paper hats double as cutout hairpieces, friendship bracelets are great to make sure everyone feels included, and we’ve got plenty of containers such as bags and buckets for easy storage and transportation. With these versatile items on-site you’ll be able to rest easy for a change.

Trolls Thank Yous

Once the party’s over make sure that everyone knows how much you appreciated them going with a friendly little message. The Trolls thank-you notes are just what you’ve been looking for to say, well, ‘thanks!’ in a way that’s just as festive as the actual event. Poppy herself has dropped by one last time to provide you with a helping hand that will have all your child’s friends eagerly awaiting the next Trollstice.

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