Trolls Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on November 17, 2016

Trolls is the newest animated movie from DreamWorks and it is going to be this season’s biggest hit. The trolls are led by their fearless leader Princess Poppy who believes the world is made of cupcakes and rainbows. Trolls love to dance, sing, and hug so keep that in mind when putting together a Trolls themed party! Grab your karaoke machine and get the Trolls party started!


Princess Poppy does love her glitter so add a little hot pink confetti to the invitations. Who doesn’t love confetti in their invitations? Okay, parents maybe – but it’s all about the kids, right?!


Rainbows rainbow rainbows! The movie is bright and colorful so have fun with color. Our brand new Sparkle Balloons with matching streamers were used to create a rainbow behind the dessert table.

Mini balloon flowers can be made out of water balloons and attached to the backdrop and the table for added color and whimsy.

Princess Poppy is pink so the dessert table is a nod to our favorite Troll. A pink plastic skirt was secured to a fabric tablecloth to add a feminine touch. It is also perfect if your tablecloth isn’t quite big enough for your chosen table…no one will ever know.


More rainbows! This dessert table is fit for a troll! Rainbow layered Jell-O can be prepared the day before and rainbow slushies, made from frozen popsicles, can be prepared several days in advance and left in the freezer. Rainbow fruit cups include (from bottom to top) blueberries, grapes, pineapple, cantaloupe, and raspberries. These were prepared about two hours before the party. You do want these to be as fresh as possible. Poppy loves cupcakes so rainbow cupcakes were a must!  Rainbow brownies were just fun!

Adult tip: Slushies take a long time to make so if you don’t want to give them to the kids you can “adult” them up by adding a bit of champagne.

Custom cake pops were crafted to look like Poppy, Branch, Guy Diamond, and troll hair by CharmCakePops and boutique custom cookies were created by Creating Awesomenessity to look like some of the beloved characters like Poppy, Branch, Guy Diamond, DJ Suki, Biggie & Mr Dinkles. The kids and adults went crazy for these!

Activities & Favors

Poppy really loves to scrapbook so creating a scrapbook station would be a great activity. If you have a portable printer you can print pictures on the spot and give each child a picture to remember the day.

Hair chalking is also a really fun activity and one that the kids can to for each other.

Pinatas are always fun! If your guests don’t want to hit the piñata you can always choose the pulling string type. At this party in an effort to avoid any hurt feelings the girls were told to pull the strings at the same time. They loved this idea! No one knew who broke it and everyone ends up winning.

All the guests went home with the scrapbook they had decorated, their special “Hugfest” cup, which they used to put their piñata candy in, as well as their cupcake straw. The favorite activity was probably the hair chalking because they got to “paint” their hair like a troll.

We did have the Trolls CD playing in the background so at any given time girls were dancing around and as a parent that is always the best part - Watching your kids have fun!

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