Tribal Blue

Tribal Blue Baby Shower Ideas and Inspirations

Baby showers and gender reveals have become the new “it” thing to share on social media. Lavish party supplies, pristine decorations, family and friends as far as the eye can see can be overwhelming for those of us not looking to put our celebrations under the scrutiny of public opinion. These festive engagements sure look expensive to the untrained eye, but we’re here to show you how not to sacrifice style in favor of a good deal. 

The first thing you’re going to want to do is set the tone with one of the many, adorably decorated, invitations on our invitations and thank yous page. These cute cards can be sent out ahead of time and allows for personalization to each and every member of your party. Next, you’ll want to start planning the theme.

Of course, you’ll want plenty of pastel blues, yellows, and greens. Bouquets of balloons, banners with the baby to be’s name on it, and piñatas for any other children in attendance can all help to tie the room together, but what about the dining area and all of the baked goods and sweet treats you spent so much time on?

Good news, cupcake stands, candles and all manner of cake supplies that go hand in hand with your theme can be found here! Add a bit of matching tableware, possibly a baby blue teddy centerpiece, some hanging paper lanterns and you’re set to go!

After the cake has been eaten and the piñata has been broken open and the mother to be has received her gifts, send your guests home in a manner that shows appreciation for their attendance.

Handing out gift bags chock full of cute little trinkets and bobbles and favors and gifts is not only a classy move, it solidifies you as a gracious host whose next event is not to be missed!

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