Paper Train

Construction paper train

What You'll Need:

  • Red, Green, Yellow, Black, & White Construction Paper
  • Brass Paper Fasteners (optional)
  • Glue or Paste
  • Scissors or a Pencil & an X-Acto Knife
  • Copies of Our Train Pattern (1 for each child)

  1. If you have very young guests attending your party, you should cut out all of the construction paper pieces in advance.
  2. To do this, first cut out the shapes from our Train Pattern using scissors.
  3. Next, cut out construction paper shapes from the appropriate colors using our Train Pattern as an outline.
  4. Do this by placing each Train Pattern piece over the construction paper and either (a) holding the piece in place while cutting around it with an X-Acto knife, or (b) holding the piece in place while tracing around it lightly with a pencil, then cutting around the trace line using scissors.

At the Party:

Give each child a copy of our Train Pattern, and explain the instructions above (if you haven't cut the pieces out yourself). Once everyone has a set of train parts, give each child a sheet of white paper. Have them:
  1. Glue the red engine to the paper.
  2. Add the green vertical stripes to the side of the engine.
  3. Add the yellow light to the front of the engine.
  4. Attach the wheels with paper fasteners so that they turn, or just glue them on, if desired.

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