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Everyone had their favorite toy as a child, and we all enjoy seeing our children marvel at theirs. These things bring so much joy to children and their families, so why not use them to celebrate? If you're looking for a birthday theme, it only makes sense to combine the toys and games you love with your big day. Whether your guest of honor is a fan of board games like Candyland, mobile games like Angry Birds, or building blocks, there's a party and activity guide available to help you plan their perfect day. Your theme can resonate throughout the party, from the invitations and the decorations, all the way down to the party favors and the food served. Each guide has tips and ideas of which you can take advantage so you can throw the best party. Make sure to check out all of the supplies Birthday In A Box has to offer, most of which can be found on our Kids Birthday page.

Half the fun of having a birthday party are the gifts. Give your kid the best one of all with a toys and games themed bash aimed at celebrating their favorite toys and figures. They’re going to play all day anyway, may as well make it a special event. This category page is curated to help you do exactly that.
Start by choosing a theme that speaks to your child’s favorite plaything. There is ample opportunity to do so here. Catch ‘em all with a Pokémon-a-palooza and decorate your home to look like Pallet Town. It’s easy to do with Pikachu balloons, Pokéball pinatas, and Rowlet cake toppers

Minecraft aficionados will absolutely dig the chance to party in a 16-bit digital landscape. Build them one with a couple of party hats, decorative tableware, personalized banners, and block busting TNT balloon bouquets. There really is no wrong way to say Happy Birthday with such an iconic franchise at the helm.

Your daughter, however, may be into a completely different theme. Thrill any Barbie fan with a pink party and invite the legend herself. A Barbie Sparkle table decorating kit is a great place to start, but that doesn’t mean it’s where the theme ends. Pack up some goodie bags for your guests, throw down some activity mats, and let the personalized Barbie invitations fly. 

We’ve got the goods to help you deliver no matter what your kid is into. Play around a bit and see what suits them best. Gamers may enjoy a Mario themed party while a more hands-on crowd may gravitate towards a Hot Wheels motif. Either way, you’ll get exactly what you need to make their birthday one to remember. So, what are you waiting for? Get busy planning your kid’s perfect birthday bash and let the games begin!

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