Toy Story Party Ideas

by Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

When it comes to throwing styled parties for your kids, we know you go to infinity and beyond!  Round up Woody, Buzz and all the child’s playthings for a grand celebration using our Toy Story party guide!   Get inspired by the Toy Story movie posters to decorate your party space and fill your food table with treats named after the timeless cast of characters.  Host fun minute to win it style games involving the toys seen in the movie. Send them on their way with a collection of goodies featuring the popular movie trilogy – with a soon to be 4th in the series.

Tara from Spot of Tea Designs styled, photographed, and wrote this party guide! Stop by her blog for loads of tips for parties, adorable printables and honest parenting advice!

Toy Story Party Invitations

Let friends know they’ve got a friend in you and invite them to your birthday celebration with a Toy Story invitation that will make them soar featuring Buzz Lightyear himself! Tip: your little one is never too young to learn the value in saying thanks! Grab the matching thank you cards and have them help fill them out after the party is through!

Or put your guests in the party spirit with custom made invitations for your party. Here are some ideas to inspire you:
  • Ask guests to bring their favorite toy for show and tell!
  • Include a gold coin in every invite and say they are for the Planet Pizza arcade!
  • Announce a costume party and tell guests to dress as their favorite character.

Toy Story Party Decorations

Friends will think they stepped inside Andy’s bedroom when spotting the display in your party space. Create a backdrop of blue sky with those signature white cartoon clouds using table cloths and extra paper. Cardboard boxes, much like those that packed up Andy’s toys for the big move, can be used as risers to display all your food options.

Line the top of this scene with the iconic Toy Story blue and yellow balls out of paper plates and more cardstock stars. Make sure to raid your son’s toy collection to find the memorable characters that can easily fill the gaps.

Transform white gift boxes into those classic alphabet blocks as the centerpiece of the eating table, spelling out the birthday boy’s name!

Dress your eating table with a coordinating collection of Toy Story tableware and party gear. Place party hats featuring the Pixar pals next to each place setting. Introduce a surprising pop of personalization with a personalized sticker wrapped around a napkin to make a utensil pocket.

Tip: mix in some solid colors and basic prints with your character themed collections to make the theme really pop in your party space!

You may want to consider purchasing, borrowing, or renting the following items:
  • Cowboy hats or Woody costumes
  • Plastic space helmets, wings or Buzz Lightyear costumes
  • A moon bounce
  • A pony
  • Toy Story action figures
  • Buzz Lightyear blasters
  • A mini claw machine with toys inside
  • Arcade games like skee ball, electronic basketball, bowling, foosball, plastic darts or air hockey
  • Toy Story movies

Decorate your Toy Story party to look like Woody's Roundup, Andy's Room, a toy store or outer space! Here are some other ideas to inspire you.

  • Hang paper airplanes from the ceiling with fishing line so the planes look like they're flying.
  • Use toys and green plastic army men as balloon weights.
  • Use a Buzz Lightyear or Woody pillowcase as a chair cover for the birthday child.
  • Decorate in lime green, blue, white and red for a Buzz Lightyear party or red, gold, cow pattern, and denim for a Woody party.
  • Have the birthday child or adults dress as characters from the movie.
  • Set up the room like Pizza Planet and offer arcade games like skee ball, electronic basketball, bowling, foosball, plastic darts or air hockey for the kids to play. Hand out gold coins to use as game tokens.

Toy Story Party Food and Drink

Ensemble casts work together to put on a great show and Toy Story is one of the greatest ensemble casts there is! Get inspired by this great cast of characters and name your food and dessert options after them. Trim the holes off personalized luggage tags and insert into a little wood stand to turn them into food tents to play up the theme.

  • Serve up some pizza bagels, mini hot dogs and mozzarella sticks as appetizers but call them Pizza Planet Minis, Slinky’s Dogs and Buzz’s Bites. Grab these Slinky Dog hot dog printables to make your food that much more fun!
  • Woody might’ve thought there was a snake in his boots but you can fill this one with long licorice treats!
  • Add some googly eyes to clear plastic cups and turn that plain box of green jello to a set of aliens that worship the claw!
  • Create marshmallow pops with colored chocolate to become Little Bo Peep’s flock.
  • Skip the expensive bakery cake and go the semi homemade approach! DIY a cake topper featuring the birthday boy’s name and dress up a grocery store bakery option with some army men for your favor pack!

Alternatively, incorporate Pizza Planet into your Toy Story party by ordering or making pizza for your guests.

Another option is to have a cowboy barbecue with Woody over a campfire with hotdogs and marshmallows.

Here's one more Toy Story food idea for a hands on dessert- Mr. Potato Head Rice Krispies Treats. Use Cocoa Krispies cereal in the batter. Form into flat oval shapes then let guests add marshmallow eyes and pretzel arms. Use gum drop for ears, feet and hands.

Toy Story Party Activities

Pull my strings! The birthday party is today? Well, yes it is, so plan the best party activities to keep those kiddos entertained! Create mini-games inspired by the characters of this famous franchise just like the names of your buffet food.

  • Slinky Race – While not the dog, this toy’s counterpart can be a blast walking down the stairs, alone or in pairs! Challenge your friends to see who’s can go the fastest or the furthest!
  • Guess How Many – Put a bunch of army men or barrel of monkeys in a container and have each person put in a guess to see who gets the closest to the correct count
  • Potato Head Assembly Race – who can dress him up the fastest
  • Etch A Sketch Pictionary – Guess what your team member is trying to draw up.
  • Alphabet Block Stack Up – Who can stack up the most in one minute

Toy Story Party Favors

Mega Mix favor packs are the perfect way to fill up favor cups with a fun assortment of toys kids will love. Strategically placed them in a cup fitting the theme and keep them secure for the trip home with a cellophane bag. Make each child feel special and add a personalized zipper pull they can use after the cup’s been empty.

Or thank your guests with a variety of cool party favors! To find a large variety of Woody and Buzz party favors, visit our Toy Story Party Favors page.

  • Mini Slinky Dogs
  • Buzz Lightyear flyers
  • Army men
  • Toy Story 3 stickers and temporary tattoos
  • Toy Story punch balloons
  • Cowboy and cowgirl hats
  • Fun-shaped candy and lollipops
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