Toy Story Costume Guide

Toy Story Costume Guide

There are a ton of Toy Story characters from each movie. Here is a list of some characters who party guests could easily dress as.

Woody: Sheriff Woody is a pull-string cowboy doll and wears a brown cowboy vest, badge, brown cowboy hat, checkered shirt, jeans and brown boots.

Buzz Lightyear: Buzz Lightyear is an outer space action figure that has pop up wings, a laser that beeps, and a clear space helmet. Look for a Buzz Lightyear costume in stores or make your own by starting with a white shirt and pants. Then make cardboard purple wings, add a purple hood and a space blaster!

Jessie: Jessie is like a sister to Woody and dresses in the same cowboy outfit. She has long red hair worn in pigtails and talks with a strong southern accent. Add a stick horse to act as Bullseye.

Rex: Rex is a huge (but shy) green plastic T-rex. Sew or buy a green dinosaur costume and you're set!

Hamm: To dress as this piggy bank, draw a large coin slot on the back of a light pink shirt. Wear light pink pants, a pig nose and a curly pig tail.

Andy: Andy is the main human character in the Toy Story movies. This is a good character for someone to be if they don't have a costume! He dresses in a basic shirt, jeans and wears a cowboy hat like Woody.

Bo Peep: Little Bo Peep is Woody's girlfriend and wears a pink and white dress with a bonnet and sheep staff. Carry around a stuffed sheep to add some humor to this costume.

Sarge: Sarge is the commander of the plastic soldier army. He dresses in all green with green skin.

Emperor Zurg: Zurg is Buzz Lightyear's arch enemy and wears a purple costume with a black and red cape. He has large yellow teeth, red eyes, metal gloves and white horns.

Barbie and Ken: Barbie and Ken meet up in Toy Story 3. Ken likes to wear 70s shirts, blue shorts, a belt and a blue ascot. Add some hair gel to plaster your hair in Ken's style. Barbie has long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail and a sassy blue jumpsuit. For Barbie, the key to pulling off the style is with makeup and trendy clothes.

Mr. Pricklepants: This hedgehog wears green lederhosen and small green hat that has a red feather. If your child has short curly hair, this costume would be perfect!

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