TMNT Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

TMNT Invitations

Make sure all of your guests arrive before Michelangelo eats all the pizza!
  • Set the tone of your party with our licensed invitations that feature all four of the iconic turtles.
  • Get your guest excited about the party from the moment they receive their invitations by adding in a TMNT tattoo for each guest!
  • Make your invitation even more BODACIOUS by adding a little sprinkle of confetti to your invitation envelope.

TMNT Decorations

Bringing the crazy world of the TMNT and the sewers of NYC into your own space is easy with a couple of DIY ideas that Donatello would totally approve of.

  • To create the WICKED brick wall backdrop all you need is a large black tri fold poster board from any craft store, some paint, and two pieces of foam board. Cut the foam board into rectangular pieces to resemble the individual bricks, take off a layer of the paper, and paint the “bricks” in brick red. After they are all dry, glue the pieces onto the large piece of black poster board. If you alternate the pieces it really gives you that awesome brick wall effect!
  • Use our customizable TMNT inspired Banner to make your little ninja an official part of the TMNT squad and hang it over the cake table.
  • To really add some TMNT feel to the party why not add the sewer system they call home! To do this super easy project all you’ll need is several 1 inch pvc pipes, some 1 inch pvc pipe elbows and t-joints, and a can of silver spray paint. All this can be found at your local hardware store. Take the PVC pipes and arrange them in the way you want them to resemble the sewer system underground, and then spray paint the whole thing, that’s it!

TMNT Favors

Have your guests leave with a little piece of the party with RIGHTEOUS turtle approved goody bags that even Rafael wont complain about!
  • Use our TMNT themed loot bags to take the hassle out of creating your own bags.
  • Customize our green gable boxes with coordinating ribbon for each turtle and using our customizable TMNT stickers that add a personalized touch to the party.
  • Add in awesome character licensed toys like our TMNT stickers, tattoos, and mini skateboards.
  • Giving each guest a TMNT mask will make them feel like they’ve just joined the most awesome crime fighting team!

TMNT Treats

Leonardo knows that fighting crime takes a lot out of a turtle, make sure you keep your guest fueled with these fun treat ideas!

  • Creating beautiful cupcakes at home is super easy by using our TMNT cupcake liners along with our edible cupcake toppers. Adding some green sprinkles will really make your cupcakes stand out.
  • The turtles wouldn’t be who they are without the toxic ooze Mutangen. Make your own version by using our personalized mini paint cans filled with green jello!
  • Your favorite brand of sandwich cookies make great mini sewer caps!
  • Any Ninja Turtle party would not be complete without the Turtles favorite food, PIZZA! A fun twist on pizza is to have the guest decorate their own pizza cookies. Each guest will love using red and white icing on round sugar cookies to resemble pizza sauce and cheese, add in candies to act as their favorite pizza toppings!

TMNT Activities

Two of Michelangelo’s favorite things to do are eating and PARTYING! Now that your guest have gotten full of pizza and the awesome TMNT inspired treats, its time to have some FUN! COWABUNGA DUDE!

  • Your guest will love our version of the classic game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey. By using our feed the turtles pizza game, your guest will make sure that Michelangelo gets his fair share his favorite food.
  • Pick up one of our TMNT official Photo Booth kits to create an amazing backdrop worthy of any crime fighting turtle (or human!). Your guest will have a blast using the multiple props to acting out their favorite super hero ninja moves!
  • What’s a birthday party without some candy! Fill one of our 3D TMNT theme piñatas with candy and TMNT toys and have your guest practice their ninja moves to free the goodies!

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