Thomas Memory Matching Game

Thomas Memory Matching Game

Thomas and his friends have some great facial expressions! Use your memory to learn about emotions and matching with this fun Thomas party game.

You Will Need:

  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Marker or pen

Before the Party:
  • Cut out several circles from construction paper. All the circles should be the same size and color.
  • Take 2 circles and draw matching faces on them. Some sample emotions could be happy, sad, surprised and angry. Continue drawing faces on pairs of circles. You may also want to write the emotion along the bottom of the circle. One side of the circle should be blank.
  • Make about 12-18 face circles (6-9 pairs).

At the Party:
  • Shuffle all the circles face down and line them up in a grid formation.
  • Have guests work in a team or take turns turning over 2 circles at a time to try and find the matching pairs.
  • If a guest flips over 2 circles that match, remove those circles from the grid. If the 2 circles flipped over do not match, turn them face-down again.
  • Continue flipping over 2 circles at a time, using your memory of where faces are located, to match all the pairs.
  • You can keep track of who made the most matches and award that player a small prize, or you can give all your guests a prize for working together!

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