Thomas Party Engine Costumes

Thomas Party Engine Costumes

You Will Need:

  • Large brown paper bags or butcher paper
  • Markers, paint, stickers and other decorations
  • Scissors
  • Tape, glue and/or staples
  • White paper plates or construction paper

Before the Party:
  • Cut the thinner side panels off of the paper bag.
  • Fold the paper panel in half and cut a hole out of the top, large enough for a child's head to fit through. Leave enough paper on the edges to rest on the shoulders.

At the Party:
  • Unfold the paper smock you have created and let party guests decorate and color their costumes.
  • Decorate the back of the white paper plates to look like a face. You can then tape, glue or staple the face to the front of your train costume. Alternatively, use circular construction paper cut-outs to make faces.
  • Write each guest's favorite number on another paper plate or cut it out of colored construction paper. Tape or staple the numbers to the back of the costume.
  • Once all your guests are done decorating, have them put on their costumes and form a train parade to show off their creations!

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