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Thomas the Tank Engine Party Ideas Bookmark and Share Choo choo! Pull into our Thomas the Tank Engine Party station! We have all the Thomas the Tank Engine party ideas, decorations and games to throw a Thomas Party your little conductors will love! Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends are based on real-life trains, so get ready for some real-life Thomas Party fun! Shop our Thomas Party Supplies Browse our Thomas Party Guide: Thomas Invitations Thomas Decorations Thomas Party Food Thomas Party Favors Thomas Games & Activities

Planning & Invitations

What Do I Need For My Thomas Party? In addition to basic Thomas Party Supplies or Train Party Supplies like plates, cups, napkins and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Thomas party:
  • Conductor hats and bandanas
  • A Toy train on tracks or Thomas the Tank Engine toys
  • Top hats like the one Sir Topham Hatt wears
  • A Train Cake Pan and Cookie Cutter
  • Train-themed and Thomas the Tank Engine movies, such as "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" (Rated G) or the Thomas & Friends TV show
  • A Thomas train pinata
Thomas Party Invitation Ideas If you're looking for unique Thomas Party invitations, consider our Personalized Thomas Invitations or other Personalized Train Invitations, which include all the party details for you! We also have blank Thomas the Tank Engine invitations you can fill out with your party details. Want a more homemade touch? We have some great Thomas invitation ideas you can make yourself! Here are a few examples to get you started:
  • Attach a card-style Thomas party invitation to a Personalized Thomas Party Favor with a piece of curling ribbon.
  • Include a Thomas sticker with your Thomas invitations and seal the envelope with a Personalized Thomas Sticker printed with your party info or a fun message.
  • Design your invitations to look like train tickets, with a perforated line on one end. Tear that end off of each guest's ticket when they arrive at the party. Use words like "All Aboard the Party Train" or "Come on down to the Party Station" and include seat assignments for fun.
  • Create a center fold card out of cardstock. On the front of your card, paste a construction paper "X" shape. Write "Birthday Crossing" along the lines of the "X" and write your party details inside.
  • Scan a picture of your child's favorite Thomas & Friends character onto one half of a piece of cardstock, so when folded, the image is on the front of the card. Add a speech bubble that reads "All Aboard for [child's name]'s Birthday Party!" Write your party details inside.
  • Cut out a top hat shape from black construction paper. In silver or gold pen, write "Sir Topham Hatt invites you to a very special party!" Flip your invitation over and write down all your Thomas party details.
  • Write your party details on a bandana that you can fold up and mail to your guests or attach a personalized train sticker printed with your party details to a conductor hat.
  • Include creative wording for your party details, such as: Come party with Thomas at our party station;We'd love if you'd join us for this special occasion!Come party dressed as your favorite character, be it Percy or James, We'll sing Happy Birthday and play some games!

Decorating & Food Ideas

Thomas Party Decoration Ideas To keep your Thomas birthday party chugging along, use decorations that fit your theme! Here are some ideas for great DIY Thomas decorations to get you started:
    • Cut train tracks out of butcher paper (or use black duct tape) and run them up the pathway to the main entrance of your Thomas Party, and around the perimeter of the party room.
    • Stop by a local appliance or department store, and ask for large, empty boxes. Use several to set up a big cardboard train in your yard or in the middle of the party area. Paint the boxes various bright colors, and cut out windows and doors. Attach cardboard wheels and paper plate faces to complete the effect.
    • Hang a banner on your front door that says "All Aboard [child's name]'s Party Train!" or "Welcome to the Party Station!" See our personalized train and Thomas party banners for inspiration!
    • Cut out different kinds of railroad crossing signs from cardboard or poster board. You can also recreate signs from the Thomas & Friends show. Use a variety of colors and styles, and then hang the signs throughout the party area.
    • Create railroad barriers (i.e. the type that keep cars from crossing a track when a train is coming) out of cardboard and tack them across doorways your guests will not need to pass through. Make a sign that says "Do Not Cross When Barriers Are Down" to hang next to the door.
    • Hang a Thomas pinata in the party area that can be used as a decoration before the activity begins.
Thomas Birthday Party Supplies Kit
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Thomas Party Food Ideas Get creative with your party food by serving theme-specific Thomas party treats. For a Thomas the Tank Engine Party, consider the following ideas:
  • Use train-shaped cookie cutters to cut out cookies, sandwiches, and cheese slices.
  • Use a butter knife or an X-shaped cookie cutter to cut out railroad crossing-shaped cookies. Once the cookies have cooled, ice them in white frosting and write "Railroad Crossing" on each with black decorator icing.
  • Turn fruit into train cars by cutting melon into rectangular strips for the body of each car, and then using a melon baller to make wheels. Attach the wheels to the cars with toothpicks, crossing them to look like wheel axles.
  • Serve chips, popcorn and other snacks in new, clean engineer hats or top hats.
  • Set up a wooden train set and Thomas the Tank Engine toys around the party food table with your snacks in the center.
  • Create a train car display your Thomas party snacks! Wrap open cardboard boxes in bright colored paper or use other snack baskets you may have and line them up to resemble a line of train cars. Place a Thomas the Tank Engine toy at one end of the row to complete the look!
  • Make train-car sandwiches. Make a triple-decker sandwich and cut off the crusts. Slide a pretzel stick through the front and back of the sandwich for the wheel axles and slide half an olive or gumdrop on each pretzel end for wheels. Use a thick pretzel rod as a smoke stack.
  • Serve Thomas the Tank Engine pasta salad or macaroni and cheese made from rotelle pasta, which resemble wheels.
  • Make a Thomas the Train birthday cake by using black decorator icing to draw a railroad track around the outer edge of a 9" x 13" cake. Place several miniature Thomas & Friends toy trains on the tracks. Or, simply use our Train Cake Pan!

Party Favor Ideas

Thomas Party Favor Ideas Thank your little conductors by sending them back from your Thomas birthday celebration with fun train favors! To find a large variety of Thomas party favors, visit our Thomas Party Supplies Page and click the "Party Favors" tab or the "More Fun Stuff" tab. Some of the favors we have include:   Train Toys Thomas Personalized Favors shop this item shop this item shop this item

Party Planning Toolbox

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