This Is Your Life

This is Your Life

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At 100 years old, your birthday honoree has lived a long and full life. Honor their lifetime of accomplishments with the suggestions in this one hundredth birthday activity.
Activity Ideas:
  • This Is Your Life Moments: Invite guests to stand in front of the party to share a precious moment they had with the birthday honoree. Guests may want to share something they like about the birthday boy or girl instead of a memory. Give everyone a heads-up by mentioning this activity on your invitations or at the start of the party. You may even want to introduce a surprise guest or two as a special treat to your birthday honoree. Tape the whole event to save as a family treasure.

  • Memory Slideshow: Before the party, ask friends and family to email or send you any pictures they have of the birthday girl or special family outings. Compile all the files and photos into a touching video tribute to the guest of honor. Leave the slideshow running in the background of your 100th birthday milestone party for ambiance. You can also send out the movie on CDs or post it on a social media site to share with all your guests after the party.

  • How Times Have Changed: Do a little research to find out fun facts from the year the birthday boy or girl was born. Write down trivia like the cost of a house, the cost of a loaf of bread, the top music hits, and more. Compare these facts with today's equivalents to show just how long it has been since the birthday honoree's birth.

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