The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas Party Ideas and Inspirations

Who doesn’t love Nightmare Before Christmas? Joining Jack Skellington, the bored king of Halloweentown, on his journey to capture the bright colors and warm spirits of Christmastown is a tradition for most families. Whether you watch on the days leading up to October 31st or December 25th – or both – is a whole other story. Whenever you decide to make a movie night of it, do so with these Nightmare Before Christmas party supplies that will wow kids of all ages.

Start with the invitations and thank yous to get your friends and family on the same page for the big night. Once they arrive, transport them to a world filled with magic and whimsy using decorations made to turn your home into a dreamscape Tim Burton himself would be proud of. Whether your plan is to utilize a couple of our white balloons that, when blown up, recreate Jack Skellington’s boney face or tableware that includes sketch styled prints of Sally perched on Cemetery Hill, they will NOT be disappointed! Heck, add some Christmas lights around the table’s edge or on the walls and you’ve got the best of both worlds!

When it’s time to eat, serve up a little movie magic with homemade baked goods dressed up in garnishes from our Nightmare Before Christmas cake supplies and other accessories. 

Go all out and add a piñata to the mix, and when the kids are all done scarfing down sugary goodies and are ready for bed, send your guests home with treat bags made to commemorate the occasion. Our personalization options allow you to create custom gift bags for everyone in attendance. Fill them with treats and favors and gifts of all kinds, because the only thing better than staying up late and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas on Halloween (or Christmas) is getting a gift bag to go with it!

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