Telephone Pictionary

Telephones and clocks

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Test your brain with this fun word and drawing activity. Telephone Pictionary is a combination of the two classic games. Players take turns writing and drawing in this milestone party game.

What You'll Need:
  • Paper and pens
  • Notecards


  1. Give each player a stack of flash cards. There should be one notecard per player in the game. For instance, if 5 people are playing each player gets a stack of 5 cards.

  2. Write a phrase, song title, celebrity, etc. on the front of the first card.

  3. Each player should pass the whole stack of notecards to the left. The each player should now have a new stack of cards with a phrase written on the top card.

  4. Move the top card to the back of the stack. Draw your best representation of the phrase you were passed on the next card down. Once everyone is done, pass the stacks to the left again.

  5. The third player tries to decipher the drawing and write down their guess as to the phrase it represents. The stacks notecards should be alternating between writing and pictures each round.

  6. Continue this process until everyone has their original stack. Show off the silly chain of pictures and phrases that the group has come up with.

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