Teen And Preteen Birthday Parties

Your remarkable teenager is only a teen once. But with each year, your teen grows in sophistication and independence. When you shop our preteen and teen party supplies to commemorate every advancing year, you’ll discover endless themed décor to satisfy every age. Browse our teen and preteen party supplies frequently—at least until your teen reaches twenty!

Preteen Party Ideas

From the moment they hit thirteen, preteens suddenly become intrigued by all things cool and daring. These years of rebellion can be tamed with the right attitude. And we offer just the right amount of cool to quell any preteen desires! If your teen is about to turn thirteen, then our Happy 13th Birthday supplies deliver extraordinary flair, from brilliantly colored party invitations to pinatas and cake supplies. Sports party themes will grab the attention of your young athlete. From themes surrounding baseball to basketball to even bowling, we’ve got your sports preteen party supplies covered. Or, maybe your teen is an old soul! Have no worries when it comes to birthday party supplies, because our themes range from Fabulous 50s to Totally 80s. For those preteens with a taste for the cute and cuddly, our Neon Hello Kitty party supplies are purrrfect! Take a look at our Pony Party tableware, pony-themed decorations and pinatas that feature life-like resemblances to actual ponies! If your preteen plays video games even in his dreams, our Minecraft party supplies will turn those dreams into a stunning reality! Our preteen party supplies cater to every youthful fancy, whether they revolve around tractors, the spa, race cars or our spectacular galaxy! You’ll find every item imaginable to give life to your preteen’s vision for his or her birthday party, graduation party or any other memorable event!

Teen Party Ideas

As your adorable little ones mature, their idea of a celebration also develops. Rather than focusing on girly themes, your teen may inch toward more glamorous party themes. We’ve got that one covered, too. Our Sweet 16 party supplies glorify all that is feminine and classy in your teen. With bright pink, sophisticated black and pure white colors, the Sweet 16 party supplies add refinement with a hint of boldness. Additional trendy party themes include our Captain American supplies, complete with unconventional square paper plates with images of the famed hero splashed across. Even our Captain America invitations are audacious in style—perfectly fitting for the teen bent on saving the world. Your teen with a wicked sense of humor will adore our Mustache party supplies. That’s right! We offer a whole slew of tableware, favors, gifts and cake supplies featuring a comical mustache theme! Teens these days gravitate toward everything technology, making our Emojis Party line of supplies appropriate for just about any teen! Your teen can live in the countryside, among cows and horses, and we still have the best party supplies to meet that demand! View our Cow Print party supplies brimming with all that goes moo! Our line of John Deere Tractor party supplies will tickle the little farmer in your family!

Popular Teen Party Themes

Totally 80s

Some teens just want to experience a throwback to a cool time, like a previous decade. When your teen listens to the glam rock of the 80s, then you know to shop our line of Totally 80s party supplies. Bring back the stereo and arcade games with our centerpiece decorations that mimic the look of these 80s must-have items! Make sure each party guest leaves with a goodie based on 80s video games. Choose from mini magnets or personalized lip balm, among a host of other delightful favors! Just drop them in our Yellow Favor Bags and they are ready to leave the party with fond memories!


Your passionate athlete will want to surround himself or herself with all things related to sports. We make it easy! If your teen is into wrestling, our WWE themed supplies will take the cake! Any teen wrestling fan would delight in drinking from a WWE 16 oz cup featuring the bodacious image of wrestling’s all-time greats! Since football season is in full swing, an NFL party theme will score points! The teen partygoers will cheer as they grab cupcakes from our awesome Large Football Stadium Cupcake Stand! They’ll happily dig for sandwiches and chips from our one-of-a-kind Football Snack Stadium!


Movie buffs will have a wild time with our Hollywood Party supplies! Organize a party game where the teen winner gets to take home our sensational Award Statue 9” that looks a lot like a genuine Oscar! Send the starlets home with a glamorous VIP Goody Bag, complete with golden star decorations. The beauty lover in your household will enjoy a day at the spa and a birthday party with our fabulous Spa Party supplies! Our lovely Pink Carpet Runner sets the stage for a beautiful afternoon! With girly pink colors, our Spa Party supplies add a feminine touch to the celebrations!

Prints & Patterns

Zebra patterns never go out of style, and neither do our Zebra Party Supplies! With bold fuchsia colors mixed in with jet black and crisp white, this sensational theme will be an eye-catching one! Just imagine passing out water bottles featuring our Zebra Personalized Bottle Labels or handing out Zebra Personalized 2” Lollipops! The teen party will be unforgettable! If your teen is a foodie, then our Donut Party supplies will sweetly satisfy. Place our delectable Donut Balloon Bouquet Kit around the party room and watch the teens’ jaws drop in awe! Even our fun Donut Time Plastic Table Cover will cause a commotion!

Officially Licensed Party Themes

When your teens are fans of the likes of WWE and Captain America, they’ll need the right party atmosphere to express themselves to the fullest. That’s where we come in! We save the day with our fantastic line of officially licensed party themes, from Monster High to Minecraft. Each officially licensed party theme comes with all the features that make a party memorable, from specially designed invitations to paper plates that feature the all-time greats to creative cake supplies to dazzling party favors! Remind your teen to send our personalized thank you notes once the celebrations are done!

Preteen & Teen Party Ideas

Let your teen show off her cool side when she throws a Glow Party! Glow in the dark parties are trendy and easy to put together! Assemble a few glow sticks in containers spaced throughout the party room and place a few inside helium balloons for maximum fun!

When France is too far off, we bring Paris to your teen’s home. Set up a Paris-themed party to celebrate your lovely lady’s special day. Decorate with French icons and colors!

The Olympics may be months away, but an Olympic Party is just around the corner! Create your own medals to award to winners of sports events thrown at the party, like racing in potato sacks! Athletic ability not required, but good sportsmanship is!

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