Teen And Preteen Birthday Parties

Looking for a theme that's not too childish, but still a lot of fun? We offer preteen party themes that fit the bill! Pick one that suits your child's tastes, and then throw the perfect preteen party with our partyware and the age-appropriate games, activities and party ideas found on our Preteen and Teen Party Ideas page. Order party supplies for teenagers today!

Buy Tween Birthday Party Supplies Online

Tweens are a fickle age. They want to be treated like grown-ups but often, they still have childish likes and dislikes. The party theme they choose may be edgier, such as a rock star party theme for girls or a football party for boys but they will still want to have much of the same stuff they had when they were younger. Those things include interactive games, fun decorations, balloons and party favors.

Ger Your Teenage Birthday Party Supplies

Also popular for teenagers is to make their teen birthday party centered around a color or a style. A polka dot theme has many colors so you can coordinate your napkins, cups and cutlery in many different ways. Prints like zebra or tie-dye also lend themselves to a variety of colorful accessories. The most important thing to remember when planning a party for teens and tweens is to let them make the decisions. Allow them to invite who they want and to pick out their own party theme, décor and activities. You can then decide whether to choose the standard, deluxe or ultimate party package and which additional items you'd like to add. You can personalize everything with your child's name too! Our collection of fun party supplies can't be beat.

For tween and teens party planning, no place beats the style and selection of Birthday in a Box.

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