Chalk Party Supplies

Bring all the fun of playing with sidewalk chalk to the decor of your child's next birthday bash with our Chalk Party theme. Young and old will enjoy these all-black supplies adorned with a print that looks like it's been hand drawn in chalky pastel colors.

We carry kits that will supply you with tableware and decorations for eight people, but we also sell each item separately so you can create a custom party look of your own. In addition to forks, plates, and knives, we also carry write-in invitation cards and cone shaped hats.

Chalk Party Ideas and Inspirations

A birthday party is a terrific opportunity to show off your child's artistic spirit. Our chalk party supplies will create a party atmosphere rich in artistic style and exciting color. Host the birthday spectacular of the year with a top to bottom party theme that will dazzle the eye and inspire the artist in everyone.

Professionally printed on high-quality paper, your intended guests will be excited to mark their calendar when they receive a chalk party invitation. Excitement will build as you hang colorful chalk party decorations like streamers and banners all over your party space. Let your own artistic vision shine through as you add chalk party balloons and a pinata filled with all the sidewalk chalk, candy and other favors they can handle. Throw in some photo booth accessories and a camera and you have a party no one will ever forget!

Create a cake that is a work of art all its own. With the help of our cake toppers, matching candles and other chalk cake supplies. Your cake will look so good, people might just feel guilty cutting it. Let our themed chalk party tableware be the canvas on which you display your decorative delicacy. Matching party cups and napkins will round out a complete and fulfilling table theme!

Take your party's overall presentation to the next level when you have the decorations and favors personalized for the day with your child's name. Personalized invitations and thank-you cards are the fastest way to show your guests how special they are, and everyone will be beyond impressed with the polished and professional feel of the party experience. Having personalized goodie bags filled with customized favors is the perfect way to commemorate an amazing day spent with all their friends. Don't wait until the week before! Let the party planning begin!

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