Tangled Tug-O-War

Photo of Children Playing Tug of War.

You Will Need:

  • Rope
  • Yellow yarn or faux hair
  • Lots of room
  • Inflatable kiddie pool (optional)
How to Play:

Select your preferred faux-hair material, and intertwine it with a length of rope to suit the number of children who will be attending your Rapunzel party.

If you are playing this game outdoors, utilize a patch of grass, sandbox or kiddie pool full of water (for warm weather) that players have to avoid crossing or falling into.

If you are playing indoors, mark a section of carpet for players to steer-clear of to avoid losing the game. You can also lay down a piece of streamer or tape to designate this area.

Separate your players into two teams. Each team must pull on the rope to try to make the other team cross a line in the grass or fall into a soft pit of sand or water. The team that successfully pulls the other team across the line wins the game!

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