Tangled Paper Lanterns

Photo of Red Lanterns.

Paper lanterns are a great party craft activity and can double as party decorations. Hang these Chinese paper lanterns around your Tangled party or Ni Hao Kai-Lan party space for a festive touch that your guests will love to create!

You Will Need:

  • Colorful paper or make your own marble paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers, self-adhesive jewels and other decorations
  • Tape and glue
  • Flameless electrical tea-light candles

Dream Lanterns - Ideal for younger children.
  • Set up an area to do crafts and provide colorful sheets of paper sheer enough to let light glow through, crayons, washable makers, and colored pencils. You can also set out bead, glue and other decorations.
  • Encourage guests to create their own original designs on the paper. Perhaps they can sketch pictures of their dreams.
  • Next, carefully roll the paper into a large cylinder which is open on the top & bottom. Fasten the edges of the paper together using tape or glue.
  • Provide each child with a flameless tea-light candle for their lantern. Place the lantern on a flat surface, with the electric candle inside so it glows through the paper base. Dispense the lanterns around the room, or place them all together as a centerpiece on the dining table to enjoy for the remainder of the party. You may want to provide different heights of paper to create dynamic levels in your centerpiece.
  • After your party, guests may take their creations home with them when they depart!

Chinese Paper Lanterns - Ideal for older children.
  1. Divvy-up colorful construction paper, a ruler, scissors, pencils, tape, glue, and decorative accessories such as beads, buttons, and jewels.
  2. Draw a straight, 1-inch line across the short edge of the paper using the ruler as your guide.
  3. Cut on the line and set aside paper strip. The strip will be added later as the handle.
  4. Fold paper lengthwise down the middle, and create a crease.
  5. Begin cutting straight lines lengthwise starting from the crease-end of the paper and ending about 1 inch from the open edge. Stagger the slits by approximately one inch apart, creating folded-over slats.
  6. Unfold the page, and wrap width-wise until the shape is cylindrical and the edges meet. Tape the edges closed at the top, bottom, and middle. The creased edge should be protruding out from the center of the lantern.
  7. Glue or tape the handle on the top, lining up one end on the inside of the top of the lantern, and one directly across from it inside the top as well. Allow to stand while drying. Either hang these from a string spanning your party space or stand them upright as a centerpiece. Place a flameless candle inside the base of each lantern and bask in the flickering lantern glow!

Paper Lantern Instructions

To hang lanterns using the flameless candles, the paper may be wrapped around a clear plastic water bottle that has had the top cut off. Now you have a base to hold your candle at the bottom of the lantern!

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