Solid Color Tableware

A world of possibilities awaits when you plan the perfect party and it all starts with solid colors tableware. There is literally a rainbow of colors from which to choose. Actually, there 18 colors in all, including clear. Use solid tableware as your party's focal point color or pick one or more coordinating colors as complementary accents for your specific theme.

What is your favorite color? What are your guests' favorite colors? Or, what color are you specifically going for the party? Doesn't really matter because we have all the colors of the rainbow, meaning that you can easily choose the appropriate color for any event, for any party, and for any other occasion! Talk about infinite possibilities, huh? Introducing the Solid Tableware collection!

Aside from having nearly every color of the rainbow, each set contains everything you will need in order to pull off the perfect party! From things like napkins, cups, spoons and forks, and all the way to the table cover, we are certain that you will be able to choose the color that best goes with the party theme. Plus, the guests will have everything that they will need as well! 

But which color to choose? Well, that is something for you to decide! If your party will happen during spring, some nice choices could be the lavender set, the light blue set, and maybe even the lime green set! Or if you are going to have a Christmas party, some classic colors would definitely be red, blue, and silver. But don't rely on us! Choose whichever color you think will look best! After all, you probably want the tableware to match the props and decorations, right?

Needless to say, but you can also combine some of your favorite colors to create something magical and spectacular! Will you go for colors that go well in pairs or colors that are associated with holidays like orange and black when it comes to Halloween for example? If you are truly the greatest party planner ever, then how about going for all the colors? Talk about giving the party some style and attitude! Chances are, guests will be absolutely delighted.

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