Shop Party Supplies Under $1

Save some major moo-lah for your farm birthday with these Barnyard Party Supplies Under $1. This selection of cheap farm tableware items are priced for less than a dollar, so you can save cash while throwing a fabulous event. The farm animal party theme features a cute pattern with cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep to match most Western and barn party decorations. A cartoon style makes the animals look cute and appropriate for a children's birthday event. You can also find matching barn tableware like solid color table covers and napkins that will help flesh out your decorations. Many of our farm items have been discounted so that you can score tons of plates and paper goods for your child's barnyard party.

Planning a party can be a little bit tricky. You want to get everything right. From tableware and all the way to the decorations, everything must look great in order for the guests to be satisfied and for everyone to have a wonderful time. Luckily, if you are looking for something affordable that speaks "PARTY!" then our Party Supplies Under $1 Collection is what you need!

Think of it like this. You have a lot of guests coming over to your house and you need a lot of cups, napkins, spoons, and knives. Sure you can go for something pricey, but you can also use this collection as a great alternative! Order as many cups as you would like and save big on the deal!

There are many different colors to choose from as well! What kind of party are you going to have? If it's going to be a Christmas party or a New Year's party, then red would be the ideal choice. However, if you are going to host a summer party, then why not choose either the green, yellow, or blue collection, or better yet, all three! With so many options for you to consider, what will you choose? 

Aside from having a variety of colors, you can also get party supplies under $1 that have been modeled after pop culture, movies, video games, and a lot more. For instance, if you are going to host a birthday party for a child, and you see that there are party supplies themed after their favorite television show, imagine their surprise when they'll see that during the party! Not only will you be a hero in their eyes, but the ultimate party planner in all the land! Affordable, effective, and full of variety, this collection has everything that you will need for your event. 

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