Rock Star T-Shirt Decorating

Rock Star T-Shirt
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Let your Beliebers show off their Bieber appreciation with our Justin Bieber party craft! Let rock star party guests create unique and fun fan t-shirts!

What You'll Need:
  • Cloth favor totes or blank t-shirts (Ask guests to RSVP with their preferred shirt size and color for this craft.)
  • Optional: Iron-on t-shirt paper and a printer
  • Puffy paint, fabric markers, clothing jewels, and craft supplies
  • Cardboard squares


  • Optional: Print out pictures of Justin Bieber or One Direction on iron-on transfers and attach them to the shirts before the party.

  • Slip a cardboard square inside each shirt. This will make them easier to paint and decorate.

  • Let guests decorate their shirts with sayings like, "I'm a Belieber," "Number 1 Fan," "[Sally's] 13th Birthday," or "One Direction Forever." If you have rhinestones or gems that can be attached to clothing, you can use these too!

  • Let the front of the shirt dry and then decorate the back. The back of the shirt is a great place for all your Justin Bieber party guests to sign each other's shirts.

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