Superman Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Nothing can defeat a little hero, so make your next party SUPER. Superman is an American icon and is one theme that will never go out of style! Read on for suggestions on how to throw a Superman Party for your friends and family. We have loads of details on planning, invitations, decorations, games and more.

Superman Party Planning & Invitations

Guests will think that YOUR superpower is party planning! You won't need a cape to be powerful enough to throw a great party "faster than a speeding bullet!" Shop our Superman-themed party supplies for deluxe all-in-one packages full of party basics like plates, cups, napkins and table covers. All superheroes have to look the part. Special care should go into planning just the right uniform to ward off evil and save the world. No party is complete without a Superman costume for your little Man of Steel - and maybe even one for your BIG Man of Steel.

Get your party going, "Up, Up and Away" with our easy Superman personalized invitations. When your guests receive an invitation, they too will feel like superheroes. If you are creative and want to make your own invitation, consider these ideas: 

Send Masked Man Invitations:
  1. Purchase traditional black eye masks and write the party details on the back in red Sharpie marker. We have a large selection of different type of masks in stock for you.
  2. Or, you can make your own mask by tracing a mask shape onto black card stock and cutting it out.
  3. Punch a small hole on each side of the mask around the middle of the eye.
  4. Thread thin ribbon in each hole and tie a small knot leaving enough ribbon hanging on each side to reach around the back to tie a bow.

Superman Invitations and Thank Yous

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Superman Party Decorations & Food Ideas

A Superman party looks best decorated in red, yellow and blue. You can add black for a comic book style appearance. Start with balloons which are an easy way to fill a room. Add red, yellow and blue balloons to our Superman Kit. For a complete look, use a combination of solid color latex balloons and our Superman mylar balloons, too! See our full inventory of Superman party decorations or create your own decorations using these ideas:

  • Cut out large comic book words such as "POW," "BAM," and WOW" from large pieces of black cardboard or card stock. Put them inside white speech bubble shapes and tape to walls.
  • You can do the same for the large "S" for superman. Cut out a large "S" and tape or glue it to an upside-down yellow triangle.
  • A Superman Pinata filled with Superman party favors and candy can be both an activity and a decoration.
  • Remember, you can transform any pinata into a pull-string with these easy Pinata tips and tricks

Superman Decorations

Keep the food simple and use the red, yellow and blue color scheme in your food choices.

  • Green jello molds or jello cut into cubes to look like rocks or Kryptonite crystals
  • Cookies with yellow and red icing in the shape of the Superman "S." Use our Sugar Cookie recipe, shaped cookie cutters, and an assortment of colorful icing. Decorate the cookies before the party or use the cookies as an activity.
  • No party is complete without a cake. Follow our simple Birthday Cake Recipes for chocolate cake or yellow cake. Use standard icings to draw a Superman image or a cape directly on the cake.
  • Serve Kryptonite punch. Mix Lime Sherbet with Sprite and add green food colored ice cubes.
  • Make your own pizza. Purchase small round pre-made pizza dough for each guest. Set out bowls of sauce to pour on the dough and enough shredded cheeses to make the shape of an "S." Bake pizza in the oven while kids are playing games and serve later. This is a fun activity and a snack all in one!

Superman Party Favors

After a day of saving the world, send the little heroes home with prepackaged Superman Favors, Superman Deluxe and Superman Ultimate Favor Kits. To find a large variety of favors, visit our Superman page and click the "Party Favors" tab. Some favors we have include:

  • Rock Candy
  • Superman Stickers
  • Superman Tattoos
  • Superman Blowouts
  • Personalized Lollipops and Stickers

Superman Favors and Gifts

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