Superheroes & Villains Party Ideas

Everyone's pictured themselves donning the masks and capes and defeating the supervillain to save the world, haven't they? Each of us has an inner child that's just aching to see Captain America, Superman, Spider-Man, or Batman save the day, and now there's a party for everyone. Each guide is filled with activities, suggestions, and ideas from how to invite the guests to the party, to how to send them off with the perfect favors. Everyone has a hero, so if you know somebody looking for a party that brings out his or her inner hero, Birthday In A Box has the utility belt for you. There are available party supplies representative of a wide selection of familiar faces, and you can find most of them on our Kids Birthday page. Just be sure to keep your identity secret!

Nothing captures the imagination more than superheroes and villains. They have existed in some form or another for all of time, back to the days of the ancient Greek and Roman gods and demi gods and probably back to cave people. Today they are alive in our imagination can be seen on the silver screen, the TV screen, in web series, in graphic novels, and in books. 

Much time is spent wondering who is better—Superman or Batman? Batgirl or Black Widow? Who’s a better villain, Lex Luthor, Loki or Magneto? The answer is they are all great. Each has their own story to tell that pits good against evil. You can’t go wrong when choosing a superhero theme for your celebration, but if your birthday guest of honor has a personal favorite, we say you go with that. 

An unlikely group of superheroes are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and their name explains who they are, turtles mutated into sentient superheroes. Grab some turtle power from our selection of party supplies and bring it to your celebration. These green, mean fighting machines are lots of fun and when you transform your party space into the TMNT’s lair, your guests will have fun too.

Superheroes are for both boys and girls but there are some superheroes created just for girls. Plan a DC Super Hero Girls party for your budding crime fighter. Wall decorating kits, centerpieces, balloons featuring Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Supergirl and candles featuring the characters are all available. 

Other DC heroes that we carry are Batman and Superman and we have party supplies featuring the animated Batman as well as the Batman and Superman characters from the live action movies. 

Marvel heroes include characters from the Avengers, Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and the X-Men. Some of the themes are based on the comic/animated version of the heroes while others are based on the live action versions. 

Be a hero to your guests and plan a great celebration with some help from us.

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