Superhero Memory Game

Superhero Memory Cards

What You'll Need:


Before the party, explain to the birthday child that he/she is going to play a trick on his/her guests by pretending to have x-ray vision.

On the Superhero Memory Board are 16 different pictures. Each picture is repeated every four spaces, in every direction (up, down, left, and right); make sure the birthday child understands this.

At the party, your guests will take turns covering one square with a coin. The birthday child will only have to look at a picture that's 4 spaces away to know which picture has been covered.

At the Party:

Send the birthday child out of the room, or have him look away from the memory board. Choose a guest to place a coin over one of the squares on the game board. Make sure that nobody tells the birthday child what the picture is. Call the birthday child back to the game board; everyone will be amazed as he/she uses X-ray vision to correctly name the picture that is hidden by the quarter!

After doing this one or two times, you can explain to all the children how it works... or you can leave it a mystery!

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