Superhero Girl Party Supplies

Up, up and away! Show your girl she’s a true hero by putting together a birthday bash for her and her friends to enjoy that will leave her feeling like a superstar. You don’t need to be a multi-billionaire with a cave full of gadgets and tools to put on a super-powered party for the family to enjoy thanks to our extensive collection of superhero party supplies. There’s never been a better time for lady superhero representation thanks to recent hits like Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Spider-Gwen and more! These action-packed heroines are here to break the glass ceiling and reimagine the superhero story for the modern age. So whether she calls New York or Gotham City her home, she’ll feel ready to take to the skies when she’s enjoying a party that leaves her feeling unstoppable.

You’ll need a utility belt full of handy supplies if you’re going to pull this celebration off. Luckily, we’ve got just the arsenal you need to make sure she’s rested and ready to fight crime once the party is over. Send out the invitations to all of her fellow crime fighters for a heroic gathering that would put the Avengers and Justice League to shame. Our tableware supplies will provide you themed plates, cups, utensils and other essentials that will have her and her friends beaming from ear-to-ear while they dig in on some tasty grub and sweet desserts. With additional items such as matching colored accessories, you’ll be ready to put together a blockbuster birthday.

Invitations & Thank Yous

Your party space will look as grand as the Hall of Justice when it’s decked out with an army of young heroines and heroes ready and willing to save the day. Make sure that the team is ready to assemble this year by employing our collection of pretty and action-packed superhero invitations and thank yous. These pink cards are just what you’ve been looking for to get your party started just right thanks to their authentic comic-book style aesthetic.


Make sure your super team has all the fuel they need by serving up a delicious meal that will show just how much the city appreciates all of their tireless efforts. Straight out of the latest superhero blockbuster comes a collection of tableware supplies that will provide a welcome visual treat that will make for a pretty compliment to your birthday menu. Decorated with comic book-style sound effects these packs have everything you need to serve lunch, dinner, and dessert. Even Batman sometimes has to rely on Alfred to make sure he’s eating right. This tableware set is your chance to give your heroine the support she needs.


Transform your party space into a scene straight out of a comic book adventure this year thanks to our amazing selection of superhero-themed decorations. This catalog includes a wide range of items such as cardboard standups featuring heroines, as well as cityscapes for them to watch over, as well as banners with empowering messages, and other pieces such as hanging stars and more. Give her a superhero base for her and her friends to play in by designing a truly unforgettable backdrop for her birthday bash.


Give her a direct message from the commissioner that’s straight from the heart with the help of our adorable personalized superhero girl party items. Featuring all sorts of themed supplies ranging from candy bar wrappers to decorative items, cupcake picks, and even toys, you can be sure she’ll be feeling the love. Show your heroine how much you appreciate her fight against the forces of evil by sending a message to your home’s little protector.

Favors & Gifts

Some of the best heroes rely on specialized equipment to help them fight crime and protect the innocent and your special little heroines are no exception. Give them the tools they need to have some real fun by dipping into our amazing selection of superhero girl party favors and gifts. They're designed to help you craft a heroic arsenal that’ll really make the difference. A hero knows they need to keep their true identities a secret, and thanks to the superhero pinhole glasses they'll be able to do just that.  Colorful bracelets also provide an excellent means of identifying one another while out of costume. Meanwhile, superhero plush dolls provide an excellent opportunity to give your guest exciting sidekick to go out adventuring with. These toys and gifts will definitely make their day feel super fun.

Enhancing the Party

Break away from the confines of the comic panel and provide your little girl with a superhero celebration that is more than worthy of the big screen. Take advantage of the conventions within this popular genre and set up some fun themed activities that will keep your heroes smiling from ear-to-ear. A huge part of the fun when it comes to superheroes is the power fantasy and escapism in donning an alter-ego that leaves them feeling strong, resilient, and empowered. Give them the chance to really flex their creative muscles with some arts and crafts enabling them to craft their own masks and other matching apparel, not to mention any accessories characteristic to the hero or heroine of their choosing. These flourishes will leave them feeling like the prettiest heroes in town. Put on their favorite Marvel and DC movies on for some fun viewing that the whole family can join in on, and offer up some costume and décor inspiration. Why not go a step further, and even give them the tools they need to draw and create their very own comic book adventures? After all, each child should be the hero of her own story, don’t you think?

Superhero Girl Party Ideas and Inspirations

Give your little superhero the birthday party of a lifetime this year when you pick up our Superhero Girl themed party items! With our special décor, tableware, and favors, your daughter and all of her friends will be kicking bad guy butt all day long.

To start, send out one of our Superhero Girl themed invitations to all of your child’s friends, and let them know a heroic b-day bash is underway. Set up the house with our matching superhero decorations and balloons, and you’ll have all the guests ready to take on bad guys and villains in no time! 

It’s almost a given that your little superheroes are going to work up an appetite, so be prepared with our Superhero Girl themed cake supplies and tableware items! All of our plates, cups, napkins, and tablecovers feature a pink aesthetic and colorful images of words like “ZAP!” and “WHAM!”, similar to the style of old superhero comic books. Our Wonder Woman cupcake and cake toppers will certainly help set the scene even further.

Tiny superheroes need lots of exercise to train their bodies, so be sure to bring out our “POW!” superhero piñata to get all of the children swinging and moving. Everybody knows a birthday party isn’t truly alive until the kids get to take a whack at the pinata to steal its delicious candies inside. Get the kids even more engaged with our girl superhero favors and gifts, as well as some of our nifty personalization items. Superhero sunglasses, kickballs, Wonder Woman jellybeans and so much more – we have everything you need to keep all of the kids entertained for hours.

If your daughter is a lover of Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl and the rest of the female heroine gang, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on throwing her an unforgettable superhero party. Pick up your Girls Superhero themed items today!

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