Super Mario Bros Party Ideas

Power up your next Mario Bros inspired party with these Super ideas! Players will certainly give it high score marks for creativity and yumminess.

Pull in the classic characters from the 80's throwback video game that has somehow maintained its status as a staple part of youth entertainment ever since the original Super Mario Bros was introduced to the home in 1985 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Mushrooms, Bob-oms and Piranha Plants will help transport your guests into the world of Super Mario.

Super Mario Bros Invitations

Let players know of the upcoming party’s “release date” with these pre-printed Super Mario Party Invitations. Add a gold coin to the envelope for further enticement to join the fun.


Start the game by welcoming players with a Super Mario Bros – Mario Stand-up. Then surround him with a few DIY characters for full graphic impact.

  • Super Mario Bros Giant Wall Decals take center stage even when a wall isn’t available. Just mount decals on foam core then trim edges with a craft knife. (TIP: use monofilament to hang everything for that “floating” effect.)

  • Super Mushroom props bring height and character to the table. Simply add sticker circles and poster board stems to Red Foil Balloons.
  • Mario-tize a gumball machine with a hand-cut cardstock nose and mustache.
  • Blast some more character onto the table with our version of Bob-omb. Start with a Black Paper Lantern then embellish with cardstock eyes, Styrofoam feet, a painted box lid and a plastic straw “fuse”. (TIP: use the straw from these Circus Sipper Cups.)

Food and Snacks

Give players a chance to power up with some yummy and icon inspired food options.

  • Serve Super Mushroom cupcakes (super-ized with the addition of White Sixlets Candy) and Luigi personal pizzas on DIY drain pipe stands. We topped PVC pipe pieces with plastic serving trays then spray painted everything green. (TIP: spray paint just the underside of the serving tray to keep harmful paint toxins from leaching into food.)

Snacks are deliciously super fun when given power-inspired names. Search on-line for even more character based options to serve your gamers.

To keep your players busy, get them involved in a Yoshi Egg Hunt. Decorate Plastic Buckets with character logos and hide filled plastic eggs around the yard for everyone to find.

Or try an old-fashioned egg race. This Egg Race Game is a perfect all-in-one option.


Of course no one ever wants the game to be over, but when it’s time send players home with a super favor bag.

  • Decorate Yellow Favor Bags with cardstock question marks and personalized name tags.
  • Fill bags with a myriad of Mario trinkets such as pencils, notepads, Wii candy controllers, noise goo and bubbles.

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