Coastal Sea Party Supplies

Whether you are looking to throw a tiki bash in the middle of winter or in the summer, Birthday in a Box has the best selection of goodies fit for your perfect party. Tiki parties are always the best theme for any bash. You are going to love our colorful tableware and matching cutlery that really add to the feel of the night.  Blow fire through the night with our cool decorations that all of your guests are also sure to love. No matter who this hot bash is for, the guest of honor is going to have the time of their lives celebrating their birthday with this theme. So, have the most fun ever turning your ideas into reality at Birthday in a Box. Happy shopping!

Coastal Sea Party Ideas and Inspirations

Summer time is great time to get out doors. We go camping and hiking and biking as adults and look forward to summer vacation all year round as kids. There is nothing more freeing than that last bell signaling school is out for weeks on end. The beach beckons, but unfortunately some of us live in land locked areas too far away to answer the call in any meaningful way. Be the hero your kids deserve and surprise them with a trip-to-the-beach-party that can be thrown from your very own back yard!

They say it doesn’t make sense to bring sand to the beach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the beach to your home. Which is why our summer tropical tiki page is the perfect place to start planning to do just that. Start with some invitations sure to make a splash. Break out the pop-up pool, unroll the slip n’ slide, instruct your guests to bring swim trunks and water wings, hang the pinata and don't your favorite Hawaiian shirt and let’s get this party started.

A few balloons shaped like starfish or sandals is a great start in terms of decorations, but if you really want to kick things up a notch then wall hung fish netting and inflatable palm trees will certainly be of use, as will our cake supplies and themed tableware. Tiki torches and grass skirts also couldn’t hurt!

If you’re looking to celebrate a birthday add a little personalization to the decorations with banners and cards printed with the birthday boy or girl’s name on it. There is no shortage of ways to throw the coolest party despite the summer heat, but if you want your kids’ friends to really remember how much fun they had, send them home with a gift bag. Nothing says bonded experience quite like party favors and gifts that can be traded, talked about and cherished all summer long!

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