Summer & Luau Party Supplies

Envision you are on a tropical beach and sipping a pina colada by throwing a summer and Luau bash!  Birthday in a Box has party essentials that make it easy to turn your backyard into a vacation destination. From flatware, to tiki torches, we have what you need!

No summer and Luau party is complete without palm trees. Check out our inflatable versions, to really give party-goers the tropical feel they seek in the summer. Relish in our coolers, perfect to keep all of your summery beverages chilled to perfection.

It’s time to put on your bikini or Speedo and enjoy the weather!

Summer & Luau Party Ideas and Inspirations

Summer time is great time to get out doors. We go camping and hiking and biking as adults and look forward to summer vacation all year round as kids.

There is nothing more freeing than that last bell signaling school is out for weeks on end. The beach beckons, but unfortunately some of us live in land locked areas too far away to answer the call in any meaningful way. Be the hero your kids deserve and surprise them with a trip-to-the-beach-party that can be thrown from your very own back yard!

They say it doesn’t make sense to bring sand to the beach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the beach to your home.

Which is why our summer luau page is the perfect place to start planning to do just that. Break out the pop-up pool, unroll the slip n’ slide, instruct your guests to bring swim trunks and water wings, don your favorite Hawaiian shirt and let’s get this party started.

A few balloons shaped like starfish or sandals is a great start in terms of decorations, but if you really want to kick things up a notch then wall hung fish netting and inflatable palm trees will certainly be of use. Tiki torches and grass skirts also couldn’t hurt!

If you’re looking to celebrate a birthday add a little personalization to the decorations with banners and cards printed with the birthday boy or girl’s name on it. There is no shortage of ways to throw the coolest party despite the summer heat, but if you want your kids’ friends to really remember how much fun they had, send them home with a gift bag. Nothing says bonded experience quite like party favors and gifts that can be traded, talked about and cherished all summer long!

Types of Summer Parties

The temperature’s rising, the sun is shining and everyone’s looking to blow off some steam. Make sure they get the opportunity by putting together a celebratory bash that will have everyone smiling from the start of the day into even the cool summer late-night hours of the evening. As the host party planner, designer, decorator and all-around host we know you’ve got plenty on your plate. Luckily, we’re here to provide you with just what you need to make preparation a snap ensuring you’ll get to spend more time having fun and less fretting over the details. Our extensive selection features products for nearly any event which is good because when it comes to summer there’s no shortage of reasons to party. If you’re planning to chow down with some delicious BBQ, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered. Maybe you’re looking for a fun get together by the pool to help all your friends and family cool off. Or even a Hawaiian-style luau. Whatever your needs you can be sure that we’ve got just what you’ve been looking for. What are you waiting for? Get in there and join the party!

Summer Luau Party Supplies

Summer Invitations

Send out some rather cool-looking invitations that will let all your friends know exactly where the party is being held. You’ll need guests for this get-together making invitations one of the most important parts of party preparation. After all, you want to get things started off on the right foot so be sure to pick up one of our excellent invitations. Featuring a whole range of themes, you can be sure you’ll find the right fit for your shindig with no problem. Whether you’d like something shaped like tropical fruit, or just a little bit of notary straight from the pool, you’ll love making a good strong first impression with these invites.

Summer Tableware

Partying sure does work up the old appetite! When it comes time for lunch or even dinner you definitely don’t want to settle for some plain-old generic set of plates, cups, napkins, and other utensils. Instead, take advantage of this exciting opportunity to continue to show off your party decorating skills by accentuating the atmosphere with our festive tableware selection. Designed to ensure you’ve got everything you need to serve up delicious food, these comprehensive products will make getting ready for food-time a snap. Coming in warm and festive summer colors, they will make for an excellent addition to your party décor.

Summer Decorations

Transform your space into a summer vacation destination! Your guests will feel like they’ve been transported down to the beach when they lay eyes on these cool and festive looking party decorations. Put up a flower garland straight from exotic Hawaii or enjoy some tropical palm tree vegetation-themed cutouts. Featuring rich and vibrant color, these decorative pieces are designed to really punch up your event with some welcome eye candy. We’ve got everything from pineapple centerpieces to fish netting to help provide you with the ability to craft a unique and distinctive look that will make for an excellent bit of scenery for all of your guests to enjoy.

Summer Balloons

Everybody loves a good set of balloons and when it comes to your party you can be sure that there is no exception. Make sure you really make the most of this exciting opportunity to put on a summer bash that features some really festive accessories. Improve the mood a notch with our selection of summer party balloons designed to make your party the number one resort destination in the neighborhood. Designed to look like everything from a refreshing slice of watermelon to beach balls you’ll find an item that’s perfect for your needs thanks to this wide array of balloons on offer.

Summer Personalization

Put the personal touch on the festivities with a collection of party supplies that will make the special guest of honor, as well as all attending, appreciate just how much effort you’ve put into planning this event. Ranging from invitations, to thank you notes, to even ancillary accessories such as water bottle labels buttons and more – you can really go the extra mile thanks to our catalog of products. And because they are summer-themed – you can keep to your warm décor with personalized items that really serve to accentuate the décor.

Summer Pinatas

Have a laugh with a classic party game that features a seasonal new spin by perusing our strong collection of piñatas and choosing one for your event! These exciting products feature a whole range of piñatas that are just waiting to get knocked open spilling delicious candy for your guests to enjoy. They’re fun for the whole family, whether your guests are young or old and a great choice for wholesome affairs that everyone can enjoy together. Featuring cute dolphins, smiling suns, tasty ice-cream cones and more – there’s no shortage of these cute looking piñatas. Get yours and set up a fun game that will fill your party with laughter and smiles.

Summer Favor and Gifts

Make sure the fun continues all day long by providing your friends and family with a fun and versatile set of party toys and favors that will make for the perfect summer accouterment. With such a diverse catalog on offer,, you can be sure that we’ve got plenty of items for everyone and almost any summer get together that you can think of. Squirter toys are a great way to stay cool while having some mischievous fun. Beach balls are a reliable classic that’s great for an impromptu game, and glow sticks and party bubbles are just a few of the exciting items we must make your day just that much more fun.

Summer Thank You's

As any good host knows, once the party is over your job is still far from done. Aside from clean-up and all that, you must let everybody know how much everyone was glad that they managed to join in on the fun. Just like the invitations, we have a whole range of exciting summer-themed thank you notes, to ensure that everyone will leave feeling appreciated. Ensure that everyone has fond memories when they remember your last summer bash with the help of our seasonal thank you notes.

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