Ball, Squirt, Score!

Ball, Squirt, Score!

What You'll Need:

  • 2 Strong Pump-Action Water Guns or Hoses with Pistol-Type Nozzles
  • 2 Beach Balls
  • 4 Goal Markers, Such as Trashcans or Cones


Set up two opposing goals in the yard using trashcans, cones, or whatever is available. If you're using squirt guns, fill them with water. If you're using hoses, get them hooked up and attach the spray nozzles.

How to Play:

Have the first two players stand in front of their goal lines at opposite ends of the yard. Hand them the water guns or hoses, and place a beach ball at each player's feet. When you say, "Go!" each player tries to blast his or her beach ball over the opposing player's goal line while preventing the other player's ball from crossing his or her own goal line.

Determining the Winner:

The first player to get his or her ball across the other player's goal line wins. The next person in line can challenge the winner.

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