Water Bracelets

Water Bracelets

What You'll Need:

Note: The following quantities will yield 8 bracelets.

  • 6 Feet of Clear Plastic Tubing with a 1/4-Inch Inner Diameter (sold in most hardware stores)
  • 9 Inches of Clear Plastic Tubing with a 3/8-Inch Inner Diameter
  • A Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glitter
  • Tiny Beads
  • Water


Cut the 1/4-inch tubing into 8-inch-long pieces and the 3/8-inch tubing into 1-inch-long pieces. Place each 3/8-inch piece of tubing into one end of a 1/4-inch piece of tubing to create a fastener.

At the Party:

Give each guest a length of the pre-prepared tubing. Instruct them to use a finger to stopper one end while they drop in tiny beads and/or pieces of glitter into the other end.

Once the guests have inserted the decorations they want in their bracelets, slowly fill the tubes with water, leaving a little bit of air so there's room for the contents to move. Then, carefully slide the free end of each tube into its fastener as far as it will go. This should create a snug fit that won't come undone without a good tug.

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