Edible "Sand" Art


What You'll Need:

  • 1 Small (1-2 ounce), Clear Plastic Bottle with a Stopper or Screw Top (preferably on a necklace cord) for Each Guest
  • Approx. 1 Yard Per Guest of Rex Lace (stretchy, colored plastic lace) or Cord (only necessary if you can't find the bottles on necklace cords)
  • Several Packages of "Pixie Stix" or a Similar Flavored, Powdered Candy
    OR an Edible Sand Art Kit


Unless you were able to find bottles on necklace cords, cut a 1-yard length of Rex lace or cord for each bottle. Wrap the middle of each cord around the corresponding bottle's neck two times and knot tightly. Tie the ends of each cord together to form a necklace.

At the Party:

Give each child several straws of Pixie Stix in multiple flavors. Have them open the packages, then pour the candy "sand" into their bottles to form colored layers, alternating colors as they fill the bottles. Warn the children not to shake their bottles as they fill them or the colors will mix.

When the bottles are filled, seal them tightly to preserve the layered effect until ready to eat!

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