Steal The Moon


Gru Steal The Moon

How to make a moon:
  • You can use almost anything as a moon. The most simple moon can be made from card stock or cardboard cut into a round shape and painted gray with darker craters.
  • You could also use a rubber ball spray painted grey with black craters. Be sure to use paint that is intended to cover plastic or rubber.
If you are feeling ambitious, make a moon from paper mache:
  • Inflate latex balloon as large as your want your moon to be.
  • Mix 1 part water with 1 part craft glue or use paper mache glue.
  • Rip newspaper into strips.
  • Use a brush to brush glue mixture on the torn up news paper.
  • Begin layering the newspaper on top of the balloon.
  • Do a bottom layer let dry and repeat until you have around 5 layers.w
  • Pop the balloon with a pin and you will be left with a round sculpture.
  • Add additional glue over the top layer to form craters.
  • After all the glue is dry, paint it gray.
How to Play:
  1. Divide the kids into two teams, and stand each team on opposite ends of a room or outdoor playing area
  2. Before the real game starts, have one child from each team place their moon somewhere on their side of the playing area etc.).
  3. An adult starts the game by blowing a whistle or saying "GO!" Some of the players from each side will attempt to steal the opposing team's moon and get it back to their side without getting tagged.
  4. Any player that crosses onto the opposing team's side can be captures and held prisoner until the end of the round. Prisoners go to the sidelines
  5. You can place a chair in the playing area to act as a safe base but you can only leave the base if one of your teammates tag you.
  6. When a player successfully captures the opponents moon, he or she must carry it back to their side. If this player is captured by the enemy before making it back across the boundary line, the moon must be put back in its starting spot.
  7. Play continues until a moon is captured. You can play one of several rounds.
  8. If neither side captures the moon within an allotted time, the team with the most prisoners will be the winner.

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