St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Green is your favorite color.

Your wedding ring is a claddagh ring.

You take off work on March 17th every year.

You must be Irish and St. Patrick’s Day if your favorite day of the year! If you’re lucky enough to live on your town’s parade route, you may be itching to host a (kid-friendly) St. Patrick’s pre-parade party this year. Feed them a yummy breakfast, help dress them in decorative flair and send them out to the parade route! Check out these fun ideas to get guests in the mood to celebrate!

St. Patrick's Day Party Invitations

Make sure guests are ready to shake their shamrocks off and invite them to your pre parade party with an invitation featuring a jigging leprechaun.

St. Patrick's Day Party Decorations

With paper fans, metallic curtains, and floating green hats, friends will be green with envy when they see your breakfast table dressed for the occasion. If you have long table legs, consider dressing them in striped leggings to complete the festive look!

St. Patrick's Day Party Food

Save the corned beef and cabbage for dinner. Since this party is set at the top o’ the morning, you’ll need to feed those hungry bellies with yummy breakfast treats.  Guests won’t have to look far to find the rainbow leading to the pot of gold. It will be displayed on your breakfast bar in the form of delicious and colorful sweet fruits in a separated tray.

Go with green bagels, doughnut holes or warm muffins on gold platters to fill them up. The best part of the breakfast buffet? You won’t hear “who ate all the marshmallows out of the box” when offering guests their own single serve bowls of Lucky Charms before the parade! Bring the jigging leprechaun back into play with matching plates, napkins, and cups.

Color coordinate your drinks with bright orange OJ and a tint of green food coloring to a pitcher of milk!

St. Patrick's Day Party Activities

Even if guests are already dressed in hues of forest, kelly and florescent green, you can never have enough flair for a parade! Display a large basket of St. Patrick’s day swag to step their parade outfit up a notch. Let guests choose between mini buttons, silly plastic glasses, or sequin bow ties.

Encourage a fun photo session with St. Patrick’s Day photo props before you hit the parade route.  Build functional centerpieces for your table that give a little festive greenery to the scene for all the selfie and group photo sessions that are bound to happen with a happy occasion, like St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick's Day Party Favors

The parade is about to start so make sure guests have one less sweet treat to carry them through the big celebration. Gift chocolate candies in gold bar gift boxes with a custom lucky message and make guests feel as lucky as a four leaf clover!

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