Flowerpot Toss

Flowerpot Toss

What You'll Need:

  • Three empty flowerpots
  • Plastic toys or stuffed animals in bug shapes. Another option is to purchase colored baby socks, fill them with dry beans and tie them closed with a piece of ribbon. Choose red socks as ladybugs, green socks as grasshoppers, and yellow socks as bees.
  • Green construction paper
  • Sidewalk chalk (optional if the game is to be played outdoors)

  1. Cut a large leaf shape from the green construction paper. It should be large enough for a child to stand on with both feet.
  2. If necessary, cut two leaves and staple them together at the base.
  3. If playing the game outdoors, use sidewalk chalk to draw a flower shape on the driveway with three stems of differing lengths.
  4. Place a flowerpot at the top of each stem to represent the flower, and place the paper leaf at the very bottom.

At the Party:
  1. Let each guest take a turn standing on the leaf and tossing the bugs into the flowerpots.
  2. Award one point for landing in the closest pot, two points for the middle pot, and three points for the farthest pot.
  3. The guest who scores the most points is the winner.
  4. If you wish, have a flower sticker ready to put on each player and a pretty flowerpot as the prize for the winner.

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