Beady Bug Craft

Beady Bug Craft

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What You'll Need:

  • Gimp or other cord
  • Key chain rings
  • Insect- & flower-shaped beads

  1. When purchasing gimp or other cord and a selection of beads, make sure the cord is thin enough to fit through the bead holes.
  2. Cut the cord into 14", 8", and 5" segments, and tie a knot at the end of each.

At the Party:

  1. Let each of your guests choose a length of cord-a 14"-piece for a necklace, an 8"-piece for a bracelet, or a 5"-piece for a key chain.
  2. The children can then choose a selection of beads and string them onto their cords.
  3. If necessary, help the children tie the ends of their bracelets and necklaces together, or help them tie the ends of their key chain decorations to key chain rings.

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