Spirit Riding Free Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on January 8, 2020

Saddle up and get ready for a birthday party with lots of horsing around! Fans of Netflix’s Spirit Riding Free will love our party guide inspired by the fearless girl, Lucky, and her faithful steed, Spirit. 

The show may take place in the 19th century, but you can put a modern spin on your epic celebration with coordinating decorations, party treats and activities shared here.  

Learn how to create a personalized party backdrop, play up the horse theme with cute desserts and offer fun party activities with this Spirit Riding Free Party Guide!

Tara from Spot of Tea Designs takes the reins on her party planning and you can too when you follow her lead. See all her tips and tricks keeping the herd under control during a birthday celebration.

Spirit Riding Free Party Invitations

If you’re as lucky as…well Lucky to have found besties like Pru and Abagail, you’ll want to send them a party invitation stat! Hopefully, these invitations arrive faster than the pony express.

Spirit Riding Free Party Decorations

Create a large scale party backdrop for your Spirit Riding Free party for less! See how we transformed a piece of recycled cardboard, cardstock, and crepe streamers into a personalized display for your dessert table. The birthday girl will love seeing her name strung on this oversized horseshoe along with a ribbon sharing her new age! See the how-to here.

Pink tissue paper tassels make the perfect addition to this party theme as they look like pony tails!

Inflate 2 horse balloons to gallop around in your party space.

When throwing a party based on a movie or tv show your child loves, chances are they have some toys that can be used as décor. Pull out all your daughter’s Spirit, Chica Linda and Boomerang figurines from their toy room to mix within your dessert display.

Kids will need a place to chow down after horsing around so lay out a spread that’s all in the spirit! A Spirit table cloth makes a great base for lunch plates, napkins cups and printed party hats.

Spirit Riding Free Party Food & Drink

The saying goes you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink, but we’re betting when your party guests fest their eyes on your dessert table, it will be hard to resist!

Sure you don’t want to feed your guests what an ACTUAL horse eats, but would (candy-covered) apples and hay bales (aka Rice Krispies Treats) be all that bad?

Convert the basic cupcake into a team of your favorite horse varieties using Nutter Butter cookies, Mini Nilla Wafer cookies, icing eyes and black icing.

Spirit loves to ride with his friends, Boomerang and Chica Linda, so make sure to include a team of horse suckers on your dessert table.  Tip: cover Styrofoam discs with tissue paper and crepe streamers to create a fun lollipop display full of lots of horsepower!

Friendly reminder that not all party desserts need to fit the theme! Sometimes they can just fit the color, and we’re betting pink and blue desserts are pretty easy to find. Tip: look for anything unicorn themed as they tend to be this color palette!

Spirit Riding Free Party Activities

Parents who want to keep a tight rein on the party fun will plan plenty of activities to keep their guests entertained.  Consider creating several stations instead of being a one-trick pony:

  • Ponytail decorating station – Place a stand-up mirror, brushes, color hair extensions and a bowl of matching hair ties with an adult who has a knack for braids and you’re all set!
  • Paint a pony – Kids love the American paint horse breed in its colorful combos so let them decorate their own wood horse shape picked up at the craft store
  • Pinata Everyone always love free-flowing candy!

Spirit Riding Free Party Favors

Tell your friend to “hold your horses” if they try to hit the trail without the goodie bag! You could easily fill these tote bags or these loot bags with lots of Spirit themed goodies your friends would love including:

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