Spiderman Comic Strips

Spiderman Comic Strips

Before the Party:

Create a comic book for each guest.

  • Take three sheets of printer paper and fold them together so they create a side-fold book.
  • Staple the book together on the seam.
  • On the front, draw your cover.
  • On each subsequent page, divide the page into two (top and bottom) and draw a Spiderman scene in each section. Make sure the scene is drawn in a way that your guests can color it later.
  • Draw word bubbles near each character in the scene. Do not fill them in.
  • On the back of each book, make a copyright symbol (©) and then add your child's name and the date. Include a special message as well, if you wish.

During the Party:

Give each guest their comic book and tell them they must fill in the characters' word bubbles to create the story. For young children who have trouble writing, have an adult write their words in for them.

Once they are finished creating their story, give them a selection of crayons, markers, and colored pencils so they can color their comic book. These make great party favors as well as an activity!

The Spiderman name and all related characters and elements are the property of Marvel Characters, Inc. This guide is not affiliated with or endorsed by Marvel Characters, Inc.

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