Robot Command

Robot Command

What You'll Need:

  • A Bandanna, Scarf or Cloth Scrap
  • 3 - 4 Space-Themed Objects (e.g. a plastic star, a toy rocket ship, etc.)
  • A Stopwatch

At the Party:
  1. Pair up your guests so that they form a number of 2-player teams.
  2. One player on each team is the robot and the other player is the operator.
  3. Select a team to go first (preferably the birthday child's team).
  4. Tie a bandanna, scarf or cloth scrap over the eyes of the starting team's robot, and make sure he/she cannot see through it.
  5. Place a few space-themed items in random locations around the party area.
  6. When you say, "Go," the operator must give the robot commands that will help the robot find each item.
  7. Each command must be 2 words or fewer, such as "forward," "left," "right," "down," "arm out," and so on.
  8. The operator must use similar commands to direct the robot to find each item, and then return back to the starting point with the items.
  9. Time each team; the team with the lowest time wins the game!

Alternative 1: For younger players, have the robot sit and use only an arm. Cover the robot's eyes, and place the objects around him/her on the floor. The operator then gives the commands for the robot's arm.

Alternative 2: At present opening time, have your guests place their gifts in different spots around the party area. Your guests can then take turns directing the birthday child to their presents.

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