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Space Party Ideas Bookmark and Share 3...2...1...Blast Off! Entertain your future astronauts with our Space Party Ideas. You'll find party planning suggestions that take your Space Birthday Bash to another stratosphere. Space Party activities like our Flying Saucer Craft and Space games like our Martian Cake Hunt will keep your guests busy and ensure your party is over the moon! We've also included plenty of tips for space decorations, invitations, and space party favors. Shop our Space Party Supplies Browse this guide: Space Invitations Space Decorations Space Food Space Party Favors Space Games & Activities

Planning & Invitations

What Do I Need For the Party? In addition to basic Space party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Space party:
  • Glow in the dark planets and stars
  • A space movie such as Wall-E, Space Camp, Star Wars, Star Trek, Space Buddies, Space Chimps, or Fly Me to the Moon
  • Planet mobiles
  • Space Ice Cream
  • Plastic astronaut helmets
  • A moon bounce
  • A Space pinata
Space Party Invitation Ideas If you have the time to make your own invitations, you can customize them to fit your theme, and build excitement before the party even starts! For a Space Party, try one of these ideas:
    • Find a photo (in a space book or online) that shows the Milky Way or the Solar System. Scan the photo and print it out on photo paper. Write your party details on the back.
    • Cut a large circle out of blue construction paper and add continents cut out of green paper. The finished product should resemble Earth. On the front, write "Did you know that Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun? Come to [birthday child]'s birthday party to find out more!" Write the party details on the back.
    • Cut out pictures of "space" scenes from magazines, such as space shuttle launches, astronauts in uniform, and solar systems. Write your party details in the center of a piece of card stock and paste your space images around your party details.
Birthday in a Box
  • Attach a card-style invitation to a toy space shuttle and send your invitations in padded envelopes.
  • If you don't have time to make your own invitations, but would still like that personal touch, consider our Personalized Space Invitations which make it simple for you to include all the information you need while saving time. We also have fill-in-the blank space invitations in a variety of space theme patterns.
Birthday in a Box Birthday in a Box

Decorating & Food Ideas

Space Party Decorations
  • Start your party by playing mood-setting background music from Star Wars, Star Trek, or 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • Decorate the party table to look like the moon! Use play dough to form craters on the table. Collect rocks, spray paint them silver, and set them on the table.
  • Form constellations on the ceiling and walls with strings of small white lights (Christmas tree lights work well).
  • Purchase glow-in-the-dark stars, available at most toy stores, and affix them to the ceiling or use them as balloon weights.
  • Make moons by gluing dry beans or round cereal to paper plates, and then covering the plates with aluminum foil. The beans/cereal will form craters. After making your moons, hang them on the walls throughout the party area.
  • Spray paint Styrofoam balls to represent planets, and hang them from the ceiling with clear fishing line along with stars and a moon. You can also attach them to helium balloons.
  • Set up a "Pin the Hat on the Martian" game using our Martian and Hats printouts.
Space Party Food Ideas When it comes to food, partygoers are usually perfectly content to eat pizza or hotdogs, which is certainly much easier on the hosts! However, if you have the time and would like to serve up some dishes that are out of this world, consider these ideas:
  • Serve "Saturn Fruit Salad." Purchase a large melon, such as a cantaloupe or honeydew melon. Slice the melon in half, and scoop out the seeds. Then, cut the melon into rings. Stack up a few rings, with the largest one on the bottom and the smallest on top, and then fill the center with watermelon balls, fruit salad (homemade or from a can), and/or ice cream.
  • Using our rocket cake diagram, turn your child's birthday cake into a rocket ship. Start with a standard-size sheet cake, and then cut it according to the diagram. Lay out the pieces, and then get creative with the decorations! Use icing, sprinkles and other edible decorations to "draw" a cockpit, metallic designs on the body and wings, jet flames at the bottom, and a name for the vessel.
  • Use round- and star-shaped cookie cutters to cut out sandwiches that look like planets and stars.
  • Serve Space Ice Cream and other freezer-dried foods like the astronauts eat.
  • Arrange bowls of snacks and other items you are serving in the shape of the big dipper on the table.

Party Favor Ideas

Space Party Favor Ideas Thank your guests with out of this world party favors! To find a large variety of Space party favors, visit our Space party page and click the "Party Favors" tab or the "More Fun Stuff" tab. Some of the favors we have include:
  • Wind up space toys
  • Space activity books
  • Space bounce balls
  • Space goo
  • Space helmets
  • Space Ice Cream
  • Alien toys
  • Space slingshot rockets
Also check out our complete favor sets and personalized products such as zipper pulls, placemats, and stickers. Birthday in a Box Birthday in a Box Birthday in a Box

Party Planning Toolbox

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