Beauty Stations

Beauty Stations

Set up tables, chairs, and supplies for any or all of the stations below. You can label and decorate the stations as desired. To make sure they run smoothly, you will need an adult or teen helper at each station. Partygoers can rotate between whichever stations they would like to visit.

Hair-Coloring Station:

Use temporary hair coloring kits that can be washed out. You will want a variety of colors for different colored hair. Have different options for guests to choose from, such as highlights or complete coloring. You may wish to set up this station near a sink.

Hair-Styling Station:

Set up chairs where partygoers can have their hair styled. Offer as many different options as you like, such as curls (with a curling iron or hot rollers), single or double braids, pig tails, pony tails, hair extensions, buns, etc.

Manicure & Pedicure Station:

Set up a table and chairs where the children can have their hands and feet soaked and pumiced and their nails clipped, filed, buffed, and painted. Have several colors of polish and nail stickers available from which your guests can choose.

Make-Up Station:

A make-up kit with mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner, blush, eye shadow, and other cosmetics will be useful for this station. Be sure to have a mirror on hand so your guests can check out their make-up jobs!


You can offer the children foot or hand massages with oil or lotion at this station. If the children want head massages, make sure they visit this station before they stop at the hair stations!

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