Sonic The Hedgehog Party Supplies

Sonic is a timeless character that you and your children have grown up with so making Sega’s mascot the center of your kid’s next party only makes sense! Sonic always makes life an adventure which is exactly what this upcoming event will be like. With tableware, cake decorations, and invitations, each and every guest will be ready to take on any obstacle that comes their way – including the Sonic the Hedgehog piñata. Zip through your next party as you provide all the supplies you need for a high energy party, just the way Sonic the Hedgehog would want it.

Check Out our Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Party Ideas!

He might be the most popular hedgehog ever known since he's been around since 1991 and he's still catching rings like a champ. Sonic the Hedgehog is wicked fast and bright blue, and now he's all over our party supplies. With our Sonic the Hedgehog Party tips, you won't have to race around to make sure your party hits the next level!

Sonic the Hedgehog Party Ideas and Inspirations

Your child’s going to be zipping and zooming around their party in a blur when you decorate their special day with our Sonic the Hedgehog party supplies! You can use us for all of your party needs, so that there’s no need to get overwhelmed by chasing down Sonic supplies on every corner of the Internet. Just grab all the different Sonic decorations you’re looking for from the expansive collection right here on this category page, and your child’s party will be ready as fast as Sonic can run!

Send some speedy party invites out to your child’s friends with our Sonic invitations and thank-yous! Your child is going to love writing out these special Sonic invitations for their friends, especially when they know about all the other Sonic decorations waiting for them when they get to the party! We have cardboard standups and wall decals that make all of your child’s favorite Sonic characters guests at their party, and our balloons and pinatas are sure to get your child playing Sonic themed games with their friends for the whole party long! You’re going to love watching them play with these adorable hedgehog characters!

You can make your child’s dessert special on their birthday too, since we have cake supplies that will spruce up any sweet treat! When you get tableware featuring Sonic and all his friends, the other classroom parents will know you’re a force to be reckoned with when it comes to party planning. You can even put your child’s name all over the party when you choose our personalization options, and you can give their friends memories of the party that won’t fade any time soon, since our favors and gifts will keep them reminiscing over your child’s birthday for weeks to come!

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