Sonic The Hedgehog Party Supplies

Sonic is a timeless character that you and your children have grown up with so making Sega’s mascot the center of your kid’s next party only makes sense! Sonic always makes life an adventure which is exactly what this upcoming event will be like. With tableware, cake decorations, and invitations, each and every guest will be ready to take on any obstacle that comes their way – including the Sonic the Hedgehog piñata. Zip through your next party as you provide all the supplies you need for a high energy party, just the way Sonic the Hedgehog would want it.

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He might be the most popular hedgehog ever known since he's been around since 1991 and he's still catching rings like a champ. Sonic the Hedgehog is wicked fast and bright blue, and now he's all over our party supplies. With our Sonic the Hedgehog Party tips, you won't have to race around to make sure your party hits the next level!

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